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Presenting gifts to King Mswati in poverty stricken country amounts to political hypocrisy.

Thursday, 22nd April, 2021

King Mswati has a valid reason to violate the Constitution and delay the appointment of the Prime Minister and the two Cabinet Ministers, he is enjoying the bribes disguised as tetfulo from political opportunists.

This country has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, university students are struggling due to the lack of scholarships, the health system has collapsed but political opportunists like the Manzini North MP Macford Sibandze are busy feeding a dictator with the hope of securing Cabinet positions.

As a Nation, we need to speed-up the process of democratising this country so that Cabinet Ministers and the entire Government could be appointed by the people, Macford Sibandze is neglecting the people of Madonsa to bribe the King just because he knows  those poor men and women including widows, don’t have powers to appoint him.

It is of paramount importance to state that this country will never move forward under the current political system where politicians are at the mercy of one person with absolute power.

Personally, I know Macford Sibandze as a very intelligent person who can make a huge impact under a democratic government where his creative mind could be independently utilized, but the current political system has forced highly intelligent individuals to submit to King Mswati whose thinking capacity has been exposed by the social and economic challenges in this country where over 700 000 citizens live the poverty.

Praise Singers and propagandists of the regime must work very hard to convince us that King Mswati is wise, the wisdom of a leader is measured by his achievements and in this regard, Mswati’s achievement so far is pushing more Swazis into poverty by grabbing their businesses and their land.

Perhaps Macford Sibandze is not aware that King Mswati is no longer bothered by cows, he wants people who are skilled in stealing money from the people and establish income generating projects for himself and the royal family. Some political opportunists don't understand that  you can present as many cows as you can but if you are not skilled in stealing public funds, not for yourself but for Mswati, you chances to climb the political ladder are very slim.

Macford Sibandze could have at least slaughtered the cows, prepared enough meat for his family and refrigerated some because as the COVID-19 intensifies and hitting hard on the economy, he might struggle to have enough food once he leaves politics and Mswati will be enjoying himself with his family forgetting some of the people who presented gifts to him.

In my over ten years experience as a journalist, I have seen powerful politicians rise and fall and my worry with Macford Sibandze is that his desperation for a Cabinet post has forced him to surrender his intelligence to this oppressive regime, at the end he might remember the cows he presented to a multi-billionaire King who rules a country with about 70% of citizens living below the poverty line. 

Even powerful journalists who decided to surrender their intelligence to this oppressive King’s Government are now victims and useless, they were turned into praise singers.

King Mswati does not only accept material things as gifts, other low minded individuals went as far as using their professions for kuhlehla and kwetfula, that’s why you find an MP, a journalist or even  a Judge working towards pleasing the King, it’s their way of kuhlehla(demonstrating loyalty to the King).

Macford Sibandze should know that now that he has presented gifts to the King, he must go as far as defending the Monarch even in Parliament, but once this country becomes democratic, these opportunistic MPs like Macford and Mabulala Maseko might struggle to climb the political ladder.

In conclusion, vocal MPs who stand for the truth in the public interest must keep a close eye on these opportunistic MPs like Macford Sibandze, people who are desperate for political positions can do anything to please the regime, even if it calls for selling their colleagues. This country has been turned into a political jungle, it’s either you consume or you are consumed, that’s the sad reality.

Presenting gifts to King Mswati in poverty stricken country amounts to political hypocrisy.
King Mswati