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THABANI’S DEATH: Appointment of Coroner to investigate police brutality, an outdated political strategy to silence the public.

Monday, 17th May, 2021

The appointment of Senior Magistrate Nonhlanhla Dlamini to investigate police brutality and or the circumstances surrounding Thabani Nkomonye’s death is an outdated political strategy to diffuse public pressure, the royal Government know that after some months, the public will slowly forget about the case they claim to be investigating.
Firstly, it should be noted that some suspects who were tortured by the police and forced to confess crimes they did not commit reported this to Magistrates and Judges while in the accused box but no police officer was ever convicted for torturing citizens not to mention those who were killed with impunity.
But this appointment suggests that the regime is very strategic, by appointing Nonhlanhla Dlamini, a Magistrate of integrity, the royal Government was to parade a credible judicial officer to enhance the credibility of the investigation knowing very well that findings and or recommendations by Commissions headed by independent judicial officers are subsequently kept under the carpet.
It is important therefore, to state that police are part of the brutal Tinkhundla system and they kill these citizens knowing very well that there is a well oiled political machinery that will protect them.
As a result, a royal Acting Prime Minister has appointed a Magistrate to investigate royal police, we hope the results will provide justice for Thabani Nkomonye. Well, citizens who had experienced police brutality will understand that this regime is two faced, while the Acting Prime Minister was preparing to hold a press conference to announce the appointment of the Coroner to investigate the death of Thabani, police were shooting University students in Manzini with live ammunition during a protest whose intention was to demand justice for Thabani.
The police were given the orders to shot the students in Manzini by the very same regime that was holding a press conference in Mbabane pretending to be concerned about the death of Thabani, that’s politics.
Senator Themba Masuku pretended as if he didn't know about what was happening in the police service, the truth of the matter is, as Acting Minister of Police he receives regular intelligence reports about national issues.
Police officers normally tell members of the public when torturing them, “we will kill you, the media will report just for one day and you will be forgotten, we have done this before and nothing happened to us”.
Indeed, despite the various cases of politics brutality where citizens lost their lives while others like the then University student Ayanda Mkhabela who now lives with disabilities after police brutality, no police officer was ever convicted for killing citizens.
In conclusion, it is therefore important to state that appointments of such Coroners are not new, many citizens were killed by the police and the royal Government usually claimed to be investigating, at the end , those cases died a natural death.
THABANI’S DEATH: Appointment of Coroner to investigate police brutality, an outdated political strategy to silence the public.
The late Thabani Nkomonye