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King Mswati must surrender power to the people, a referendum should decide future of the Monarch

Tuesday, 25th May, 2021

King Mswati was never democratically elected by the people and in the absence of an independent referendum, the sentiments published by the Times Sunday suggesting that Swazis want a government that places the King above politics are misleading and amount to political hypocrisy.

As the current generation, we don’t want any captured media to try and propagate that the Nation cannot exist without the King, if there’s a debate or confusion whether we want Mswati or not in the coming new democratic government, that should be decided through a vote known as a referendum where the public would freely decide the future of the absolute Monarch.

A referendum is a vote by the electorate on a single political question referred to them for a decision, we don’t want the  captured media to conclude that Swazis wanted King Mswati to stay in power and be above politics without consulting them.

Furthermore, it amounts to political hypocrisy to conclude and or create an impression that Swazis cannot survive without the King who is not rendering any service to the Nation except to loot our resources to sustain his lavish lifestyle. The King should demonstrate through his conduct towards the people's demands whether he wants the institution of the Monarchy to exist or not under a democratic not for the captured media to try and create an impression that the Nation is begging to share power with a dictator. It should be noted that the calls for freedom are meant to liberate entirely not partially, we want the King to be accountable to the law like any other human being. 

But then, as the calls for the country to adopt multi-party democracy intensify, Swazis must be allowed to decide their political future, this tendency of elevating the King to a godly status, portraying him as a ‘supernatural’ being that we can’t live without cannot be easily accepted by the current generation.

Perhaps, it is mportant to support my sentiments suggesting that the people can live a better life without King Mswati in power.

The State controlled and captured media has been parading him  as a symbol of peace and stability, but the reality on the ground proven by videos of royal police' violence against the people suggests that the King is a symbol of oppression and dictatorship.

It should be noted that the King has been described as a unifying figure, perhaps that’s what a majority of Swazis including me expected him to be, but the reality is that King Mswati represents an apartheid Government and royal supremacy that created a monopoly of ‘intelligence’ among the Dlaminis to hold the position of Prime Minister.

When we describe the King as a unifying figure, we shouldn’t do so just to please him, some of us don’t exist to please King Mswati who deprived highly capable Swazis an opportunity to serve the Nation as Prime Ministers just because they were not Dlaminis.

It is for these reasons we are calling for a democratic government where the people would  elect their own Prime Minister or President without any political discrimination, we can’t surrender our intelligence and capabilities to a man whose thinking capacity remains questionable. 

It's therefore absurd for State controlled journalists to become praise singers and try to give themselves a monopoly to think for the people, only a referendum monitored by international observers could decide the future of King Mswati in the new democratic government.

It is very surprising that we have people who still believe this country cannot survive without Mswati, the question is, what service is he rendering to the Nation except for stealing our resources?

The truth of the matter is, this country would be far better without King Mswati and his royal parasites who have an appetite for looting and to  force over 700 000 citizens into poverty.

It is political hypocrisy of the highest order to conclude that citizens who are transported by government trucks to Ludzidzini to attend Sibaya meeting or traditional ceremonies are King Mswati’s followers, some of these people go there to get food because they  are sinking in poverty and cannot afford a decent meal.

As a result, if trade unions and political parties could organise a protest march where everyone would get a free meal, the very same people who attended Mswati’s traditional events could attend the protests just to get food.

Any sane political analyst or journalist who still believe we are not aware that Mswati survives by pushing people into poverty to induce political submissions misses the point.

We want a  financially independent society where the youth and citizens would afford their own cars, buy their food and send their children to private schools if they choose to , this thing of manipulating the minds of capable citizens and systematically turning them into political slaves must stop.

In conclusion, let me emphasize that as citizens of this country we can survive without King Mswati, in fact he was not elected by the people and therefore does not represent the will of the masses.

As the situation stands, we expect the King to surrender power to the people and all the public resources he has stolen before we even discuss whether the institution of the Monarchy should continue to exist or not.

King Mswati must surrender power to the people, a referendum should decide future of the Monarch
King Mswati