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King Mswati:Poverty will be history few months from now.

Sunday, 5th January, 2020

LOZITHA: King Mswati has promised his subjects that poverty will be history in few months such that people around the world will desire to spend their holidays in the Kingdom of eSwatini.

Speaking at Engabeveni Royal Residence when dispersing Emabutfo(regiments) today, in his first public speech this year, the King said eSwatini was almost closer to attaining the first world status and urged the Swazi Nation to expect a better life in few months-time. Eswatini, a landlocked country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique has about 70% of the population living in poverty, health facilities has collapsed with a high unemployment rate.

The King said what gave him confidence that eSwatini will enjoy a better life was the drops of rain that consistently poured during the Incwala ritual ceremony that officially ended today.

“We have seen drops of rainfall which is a positive sign that our country will develop as these are blessings. Food will be plenty, we are not far from 2022. When we talk about becoming a first world country, we must be confident, we are almost there. Those without jobs, will get employed, orphans and the disabled will have a better life” the King said 




King Mswati:Poverty will be history few months from now.
King Mswati III