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Sive Siyinqaba warns: Taxpayers to pay more millions for Rolls Royce maintenance

Sunday, 5th January, 2020

MANZINI:Ex-Senate President Ngomyayona Gamedze, the Acting Chairman of Sive Siyinqaba ‘Sibahle Sinje’ has warned that taxpayers will fork out more millions to maintain the Rolls Royce cars for royalty.

This comes after the King purchased these vehicles and a fleet of BMWs that collectively cost about E500million triggering tension in a country where about 70% of the population live below the poverty line. 

Gamedze released a New Year statement on behalf of his political movement, he said the state of roads in the country will slowly devalue the new fleet of vehicles hence taxpayers will pay more to maintain the cars.

“If our roads are not attended to, the controversial but fragile Rolls Royces would quickly develop mechanical problems and their maintenance will cost the taxpayer an arm and a leg. What was once tarred roads are more damaging to vehicles than gravel roads? Legislation that will exclusively govern the management of road infrastructure, its development and maintenance is of essence now,” said Gamedze. 

Reached for comments, Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe, the Minister of Public Works and Transport referred comments to Mgwagwa Gamedze, the Chief Executive Officer in the King’s Office. The CEO could not be reached for comments at the time of compiling this report, but in an earlier interview with this Swaziland News he said the vehicles were purchased through a special account for the King’s Office. It could be not be ascertained on how they will be maintained 

 “The King’s office had a special savings account that looks after King’s cars. This involves the new and old cars.”


Sive Siyinqaba warns: Taxpayers to pay more millions for Rolls Royce maintenance
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