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Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku, a weak political leader who evades accountability of public power.

Thursday, 3rd June, 2021

Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku’s decision to evade accountability and subsequently insults social media users suggests that he is a very weak political leader who does not subscribe to the fundamental principles of public administration.
Indeed, one of the basic principles and values of public administration is transparency and this enables the public to question and hold those in power accountable particularly on public issues and decisions that impact their welfare.
It should be noted that there is no political vacuum on issues of accountability, any government that disregard transparency and resort to political bullying when questioned on matters of public interest is a dictatorship regime.
It is a pity that freedom of expression is regarded as disrespect towards these bunch of political lunatics like Themba Masuku including King Mswati, the question is, what services are they rendering to the Nation to deserve respect from the citizens?
It is of paramount importance to state that citizens are demanding justice for Thabani and democratic reforms, Acting Prime Minister wants to use the State owned radio station and attack the characters of other citizens including pro-democracy MPs to protect the current regime that feeds him. Thereafter,he expects the people not to express their opinion on the subject matter.
Let me remind Themba Masuku that politics are not for ‘cheese boys’, if you make a public statement telling the Nation that Government has set aside E200million to purchase COVID-19 vaccines, six months later with the looming third wave, do you expect the taxpayers to clap hands instead of demanding the vaccines that should be provided to them as a social service?
I know that Themba Masuku is a political opportunist who doesn’t deserve to head a Government, his political weakness when confronted with public criticism suggests that it’s the end of the road for the Tinkhundla system. The statement by the Acting Prime Minister who alleged that social media users have a brain disorder confirms sentiments of Tinkhundla Minister David Cruiser Ngcamphalala who urged MPs to ignore the youth that 'barks' on social media because young people don't vote and decide outcomes of elections.
The hostility of this Government towards independent journalists suggests that this a regime that does not take criticism, it has been ruling the Swazis for almost 50 years without being questioned. How can a whole Acting Prime Minister insults social media users saying they have a brain disorder merely for questioning him on public issues and or decisions that impact their welfare?.
Now, Government is struggling to procure the E200million vaccines and more people will die, Senator Themba Masuku expects the people to demonstrate respect towards corrupt and weak leaders who looted over E500million donations instead of purchasing equipment for health workers and feed the poor.
Personally, in my line of duty, I am interacting with great leaders internationally and I can differentiate between a leader who deserves respect and an opportunist like Themba Masuku who was transported with a political wheelbarrow to the position he holds.
The dynamics of the fourth industrial revolution suggest that the online media is going no where, people must be free to question political leaders, debate and criticise even our articles so that we can improve the services we are providing to them.
Criticism acts as a vaccine to any person who holds a public position whose decisions impact the lives of the people and this include politicians and journalists. Therefore, for the Acting Prime Minister to justify his weak political stamina by saying he quit Facebook because some social media users have a brain disorder does not only amounts to political arrogance but it further confirmed the existence of a political wall between the those in power and the struggling citizens.
On the other side of the political wall, we have King Mswati, his family, Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku and other King’s allies who enjoy a lavish lifestyle while the people live in squalor. When some of the over 700 000 citizens living below the poverty line raise their voice on the other side of the political wall, people like Acting Prime Minister who don't even know the pain of struggling for a decent meal believe these poor citizens have a brain disorder.
Good political leadership is tested through criticism and in the midst of political challenges, it’s very unfortunate that Swazis do not have powers to elect their own Government. People like Themba Masuku do not deserve to hold public office, politics was not meant for cheeseboys.
Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku, a weak political leader who evades accountability of public power.
Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku