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Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku warns of COVID-19 third wave, E200million vaccines remain a ‘ghost’ story.

Friday, 4th June, 2021

MBABANE: Senator Themba Masuku, the Acting Prime Minister has warned of a COVID-19 third wave as cases continue to rise while the procurement of E200million vaccines remain a ‘ghost’ story.

In a press statement dated 03 June 2021, the Acting PM said the rise in confirmed cases cannot be ignored in the midst of a looming third wave adding that the country might expirience high admissions in hospitals.

“Coming from an average of five infections a day over the last three months, these numbers cannot be ignored as they indicate an unpleasant situation for the Kingdom of Eswatini, particularly as the threat of a third wave continues to hang precariously over our heads.And even though the number of admissions and deaths is remarkably low, we have no doubt that if the current upward trend continues, it is just a matter of days before we experience high admissions and deaths.” said the Acting Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the procurement of E200million vaccines as announced by the Acting Prime Minister in January 2021 has been marred by various justifications from both the Acting PM and Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi.

Reached for comments, Pius Vilakati, the Spokesperson of the Communist Party of Swaziland(CPS) said the Tinkhundla regime doesn’t care about the health of the people.

“Despite their earlier announcement that they have set aside money to buy vaccines they didn’t, instead we are seeing King Mswati living an extravagant lifestyle. There is no hope for the people in terms of vaccination and even for general treatment”, said the CPS Spokesperson.

Eswatini recorded 17 confirmed cases on Wednesday and at the time of the press statement, the country had recorded with a total of 18,618 cumulative confirmed cases and 673 deaths.

Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku warns of COVID-19 third wave, E200million vaccines remain a ‘ghost’ story.
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