• Breaking News – Convicted eSwatini pro-democracy MP Bacede Mabuza maintains call for a democratic government outside the control of dictator King Mswati.
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King Mswati hiding behind Themba Masuku, ordering police to shoot Swazis for exercising their Constitutional rights.

Saturday, 26th June, 2021

King Mswati has been playing around with the minds of Swazis, appointing Prime Ministers and using them as ‘political condoms’ to execute his oppressive orders while the captured media portrayed him as a symbol of peace in the eyes of the unsuspecting members of the public.

The late Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini’s death was celebrated by some Swazis who thought he was the main problem, unfortunately he wasn’t, the problem here is King Mswati, a hypocrite that changes colours like a political chameleon.

Indeed, King Mswati is a dangerous political hypocrite, today he speaks about dialogue “kaNgwane kuhlala phansi kukhulunyiswane”, on the other hand he is buying teargas and guns to shoot protestors who are exercising their Constitutional rights to demand a democratic Government including an elected Prime Minister.

This Tinkhundla propaganda suggesting that Swazis resolve their issues through dialogue when in fact people are assaulted, tortured and killed in this country for their political views has expired, it’s time to face the reality, anyone who disputes this must provide evidence where the King engaged political parties on the round table to discuss the future of the country.

It’s a pity that these lies of authorities promoting dialogue to resolve political differences has been repeated over and over again such that those in power have started to believe their own lies.

Lies are poisonous to the mind and it becomes worse when the author starts to believe his or her own lies and go to the extent of using violence to force everyone into believing something that does not exist, this is the reality with King Mswati.

Before the eruption of these ongoing protests and delivery of petitions, King Mswati’s Government had been claiming people were free in this country to discuss their issues at the Tinkhundla  centres and when the citizens visited those offices in the various Constituencies, they were assaulted for speaking to their own MPs.

Government first pretended to be tolerant  towards the delivery of petitions yet the truth of the matter was, the police had run out of teargas canisters and other equipment to control the protestors.

As a journalist I am forced by journalism principles to mention the name of Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku, otherwise he doesn’t exist in the current political setup, the mastermind here is King Mswati.

This regime is pushing forward Themba Masuku’s  face so that King Mswati can then come in as a solution provider by removing him when he was initially the source of the problem, he has been doing this for years, changing Prime Ministers like political condoms after using them.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to continue using this strategy, people are now well versed with regards to the challenges facing this country, while other Swazis are calling for an elected Prime Minister its best to call for the complete removal of the institution of the Monarch.

King Mswati is behaving in this manner because he strongly believes we can’t survive without him when in fact it is his royal family that is sustained through public funds, Swazis will continue to exist without the King.

Swazis are being lenient to the King by demanding  an elected Prime Minister under a Constitutional Monarch, nothing can stop them from calling for his removal, after alll he was not elected by the people.

But the main problem here is that the King is now starting to believe his Praise Singers, those people are paid a salary to lie through singing praises. How can you believe someone who gives you the status of the sun “Ulilanga” knowing very well that you are just a human being, when COVID-19 strikes you go into hiding instead of facing the country’s challenges as a leader?

It is important for the Nation to understand that the problem here is not the Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku, King Mswati is the main perpetrator of all the challenges we are facing as a country.

The captured media was lectured not to mention or attribute anything negative to the King so that he can remain clean in the eyes of the people. Unfortunately, the political paint is is peeling-off, it’s time to face the reality.

King Mswati hiding behind Themba Masuku, ordering police to shoot Swazis  for exercising their Constitutional rights.
Protesters during a protest