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Teachers complain of poor working conditions in rural school, quit

Thursday, 9th January, 2020

SITEKI:Simangele Nxumalo, a headteacher of Loyiwe Primary School in Siteki said qualified teachers were leaving her school in numbers due to poor working conditions.

She said this was the reason her school did not do well in the Standard Five Results as qualified and highly skilled teachers left the school. She cited lack of water, houses for teachers and transport for those who reside far away from the school premises.

“Some of the teachers here are working on government contracts. Teachers left the school complaining of poor working conditions, we don’t water, houses for teachers among others. I think this is the reason, our school did not perform well” she said.

A teacher who spoke to this Swaziland News on condition of anonymity said they sometimes abandon classes early to get transport whenever they see one.

“This then impact the pupils negatively because we leave early to negotiate transport when we see a car passing by our school. One of the reasons is the poor roads in the area, there is no transport” said the teacher.

Lady Howard, the Minister of Education and Training said teachers must solve the issues they are faced with. “This is not a problem faced by the teachers only, the head teachers must solve the transport issue. All of us including a Swazi from the rural areas know the fiscal position faced by our government. The teachers must try and address these problems,” said the Minister.

Teachers complain of poor working conditions in rural school, quit
Headtacher Simangele Nxumalo with Loyiwe pupils