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SWAYOCO President, exiled political activists describe King’s ‘2022 vision’ as a day-dream .

Friday, 10th January, 2020

MANZINI: Sonkhe Dube, the exiled President of the Swaziland Youth Congress(SWAYOCO) has described King Mswati’s 2022 First World status vision as a day-dream meant to fool the Nation. 

This comes few days after the King delivered a speech when dispersing regiments at Engabeveni Royal Residence where he promised the Nation a better life for all by 2022. The King said what gave him confidence that eSwatini will enjoy a better life was the drops of rain that consistently poured during the Incwala ritual ceremony that officially ended today.

“We have seen drops of rainfall which is a positive sign that our country will develop as these are blessings. Food will be plenty, we are not far from 2022. When we talk about becoming a first world country, we must be confident, we are almost there. Those without jobs, will get employed, orphans and the disabled will have a better life” the King said 

“That’s just a deliberate illusion because he speaks what’s on his mind as an individual not through government collective responsibility that analyses and make statements based on factual economic figures. He has not addressed solutions to the problems that cause poverty including his lavish lifestyle. The fact that he thinks few rains mean an end to poverty shows that he is not leadership material. The speech was just meant to fool the minds of vulnerable Swazis,” said the SWAYOCO President. 


Pius Vilakati, the Information and Publicity Officer of the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) said Eswatini’s poverty continues to deepen.

 “Statistics prove that people are dying in hospitals due to drugs shortages. Already there\'s a major crisis in schools. Anyone who suggests (or even dreams) that poverty will be history in the next few months or even few years has simply lost all mental abilities to even begin to think,” added Vilakati. 


Sibusiso B Dlamini, the Secretary General of the African United Democratic Party (AUDP) said there has been no practical or reasonable steps taken to reduce poverty. “There is likelihood that in 2022 many people would have died of poverty, since poverty rate would be very high. Theory or lip service to reduce poverty, without clear mechanism or modus operandi, is waste of time, and giving people hopeless dream. Once people lose hope in the status quo, they would revolt” he said.





SWAYOCO President, exiled political activists describe King’s ‘2022 vision’  as a day-dream .