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Why King Mswati’s Government fear Julius Malema’s calls for democratic reforms.

Saturday, 7th August, 2021

Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) has been calling for economic and political liberation of the Africans and it seems dictators across the continent are having sleepless nights everytime he opens his month to address Africa and the entire world.

One of the dictators who seems to fear Julius Malema is King Mswati whose government is accusing the EFF leader of providing guns to protesting citizens in eSwatini without any evidence to substantiate these allegations. 

Malema, the then President of the African National Congress(ANC) Youth League literally changed the face of African politics when he started questioning how Africans including South Africans could claim to be free when they were economically oppressed, his statements in this regard, are always relevant to eSwatini citizens where about 70% of the population lives below the poverty line.

In line with Julius Malema\'s ideal of economic freedom,Swazis must force King Mswati to surrender all the State assets including the land he has stolen from the people through his Silulu Holdings(PTY) LTD with his business partner, Finance Minister NealRijkernberg.

Julius Malema has his fair share of controversy, but his statements are always relevant to the poor, eSwatini Government has been using poverty to suppress the people hence the King is afraid of Malema’s sentiments to economically liberate the people.

When addressing the Nation during Sibaya on the 16th July 2021, King Mswati claimed everything in eSwatini belonged to him. It is important therefore, to state that dialogue or no dialogue, the King must be forced to surrender State assets to the people, no human being in the world is allowed to own a country, the people and national assets.

Malema is merely capacitating the youth within the African continent with his statements to fight for what belongs to them, the supply of guns is an allegation that should be substantiated by the accuser being the King and his Government.

Julius Malema’s political party must just write a letter to the eSwatini Government demanding evidence to substantiate these allegations, it shouldn\'t be easy for King Mswati to just kill dozens of civilians and then shift the blame to a political party of another country without any evidence.

Africans are one, and Julius Malema had, on numerous occasions, mentioned that South Africans cannot claim to be free if their fellow Africans including the people of Swaziland were oppressed.

Indeed, Malema doesn’t use diplomacy when addressing the plight of Africans even if his statements appear to make him unpopular among his fellow South Africans.

The EFF leader has been telling his followers to fight for the liberation of the people of eSwatini and we have seen his party organizing a series of protests at Oshoek border in solidarity with the oppressed Swazis.

It is true that EFF Swaziland is enhancing and intensifying the struggle for democracy in eSwatini, perhaps, that’s why eSwatini government is shaken by their presence.

Swazis want freedom, any political party or an alliance that will liberate them through various political strategies is welcome, at the end, the whole African continent must be politically and economically free.

 Why King Mswati’s Government fear Julius Malema’s calls for democratic reforms.
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