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Swazis must fight for independence and liberate country from royal capture

Monday, 13th January, 2020

 We have never had a government since 1968. The only people who have had independence since 1968 were King Sobhuza ll and members of the Royal family. King MSwati lll has no idea what independence is and its political meaning. I do not think he studied any history at school level because he was rushed onto the throne for reasons known to the crooks who were all around him and unfortunately all of them have since passed on. King Sobhuza ll was supposed to have passed on the political baton to King Mswati lll but he died before MSwati lll knew anything, therefore, the baton was given to a ghost to hand over to a King to be. There is no communication between ghosts and people hence no one understands what is going on in the King’s mind because he listens to no one. This is why we are all baffled by his actions and comments. The best way to make sense to him, I am told, is to talk to him using some spiritual medium which cannot be accessed by mere human beings except those who believe in unknown gods. What I am saying is that we are being led by a King to whom we do not exist and to whom we are not making any sense.  Do you remember the Holocaust that the Israelis went through during the time of Hitler? We the commoners are not going through the same treatment but there are a lot of similarities. We, the commoners, are being discriminated against because we do not have the royal blood in us. We are good at nothing except being luggage carriers for the King and his family as well as being praise singers. We feed on left-overs from this family. This is why we do not have good schools, good hospitals, no representation, no Parliament, no power to legislate and appropriate resources. We cannot complain about the government that we have not put in place to serve our interests. This is the King’s government because anyone put in it is meant to serve the interests of the King and members of the royal family. The King is interested in the purse of the country and nothing else. Swaziland is his inheritance and everything in it and he will make sure he uses every trick in the world that he passes it on to his children as their inheritance. Am I lying or spreading hatred? I am just telling the truth and making you open your eyes to what is going on around you. Do not be content with all the shenanigan happening in this country and say there is nothing you can do about it. There is a lot you can do. You can be part of those who are calling for independence of the Swazi people from the king and royal family. We are calling for democratic elections where people are at liberty to form political parties and elect a government of their choice and power to legislate and appropriate resources. The King has misused the country’s resources. Whenever he goes away he takes a lot of money with him. Him alone, decides which company gets a tender for roads construction so that money moves from one of his pockets on his right to one on his left. Now all the big companies in the construction industry have perfected the art of doing business with the king at the expense of the poor Swazis. We are suffocating in this country under the rule of the King, we need our independence. There is more we can achieve without being led by the King. He does not care about us and our children and their dreams.

Swazis must fight for independence and liberate country from royal capture
King Mswati III with regiments