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Removing English, a political tool to oppress our children

Wednesday, 15th January, 2020

The decision by the government to remove English language remains a political strategy to deny our children quality education so they cannot compete with the children of those power who attend private schools.

The King’s Minister for Education and all of her buddies at hospital hill have done the biggest blunder by dropping English language as a passing subject. This is why there is a lot wrong working for the King. Nobody owes anybody any explanation for making any particular decision especially when the king gives a nod. The king is not interested in leadership because he is everything in every situation. Remember, it is him and his family who dwells in and owns Swaziland. You are just a sojourner in this country. These clowns that the King appointed into positions finally bought his reasoning, as if they had a choice, that the number of people who cannot think critically has to go up (more pupils should be seen to have passed STD v exam and JC) so that they may become easy to fool around one time too many. These clowns, instead of finding why Swazi pupils are having a problem with mastering the language, lived up to their expectations and said “yes your Majesty” and the none suspecting Swazi parents responded with an applause to the false results. 

As this circus is performed with the lives of our children, no one is speaking for them because they were born to parents who had no idea what is involved in bringing up a child and this pattern is all designed to silence the Swazi people all for the benefit of the King and his family. The King does not care about us and our children therefore we need a referendum on his powers to rule. Let him stay off the country’s purse. The people of Swaziland want self rule to enjoy the rights that are compatible with civilized nations of the world. We cannot be treated like guinea pigs. We are humans too. Let us stand up for the sake of our children and their future. We demand a reversal of the decisions taken by the King’s friends on the English language as it is detrimental tour kids as it says our children are not of the world but are to be servants for those who will go to international schools or good private schools (like Waterford) where those who have no clue on international leadership cannot interfere. Thanks to the wisdom of King Sobhuza ll.

Removing English, a political tool to oppress our children
Minister of Education Lady-Howard Mabuza