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Is it fair for King’s children to grab businesses from Swazis?

Sunday, 19th January, 2020

The King sees no potential in any Swazi, the only people of value he sees are his children. It is for this reason his children are now grabbing every business from eMaswati, even the ones owned by ordinary citizens who are struggling to earn a living. Despite the fact that this is wrong, some think it’s the right thing to do,so long as such was authorized by the King. As citizens, we have reached a point whereby we accept decisions that are destructive even to our children, merely because those who implement these directives claim it’s the King’s command. Swazis are now struggling to do business in this country because tenders are being grabbed by the King’s children and companies linked to their father.

It is slowly becoming a norm that no one can be awarded a multi-million tender without the approval of royalty. All this is happening while we are quiet, of course, that’s what we are expected to do. Remember no one should be uplifted in our society to successful outside the King’s reach because the wrong message will be read by the poor Swazis that there is life and success outside the King’s circle. Everyone must believe that life is not worth living independent of the King and his children. It is now evident that as the King’s children grow, the citizens, particularly those in businesses will suffer the most, projects will be channeled to the royal family. Companies owned by ordinary citizens are now closing down because government is struggling to pay them, however, those linked to royalty are receiving their payments despite the challenges.




Is it fair for King’s children to grab businesses from Swazis?
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