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Industrial Court Judge Abande sends electronic evidence to editor, says Sithembiso is harassing him.

Wednesday, 22nd September, 2021

MBABANE: Industrial Court Judge Abande Dlamini says Sithembiso Mngometulu whom he was accused of shooting at Kai Kai Centre is harassing him.

The Judge sent an electronic evidence to this journalist on Wednesday morning to substantiate his sentiments adding that he has filed an application before the Magistrate Court for an interdict. He said by sending the evidence he wanted the editor to fully understand the harassment and abuse he has been subjected to by Sithembiso.

In the evidence, Sithembiso Mngometulu made a series of threatening calls to the Judge, part of the communication cannot be repeated here because of their alleged defamatory nature and for ethical reasons.

“I have since filed an application before the Magistrates’ Court for an interdict against Sthembiso Mngometulu and his cohorts from harassing, abusing and spreading lies and unsubstantiated allegations against me,” said the Industrial Court Judge.

On Tuesday, Sithembiso Mngometulu, the resident of Hhelehhele in the Manzini region told this publication that the justice system in eSwatini was failing to protect him.

He said he reported the Judge to the police several times but the law enforcement agency failed to arrest him because he was powerful.

“The way things are happening, I might find myself taking the law into my own hands. However, once I do that, the police would be quick to arrest me yet now they are failing to arrest Abande”, he said.

Reached for comments earlier, human rights lawyer Sibusiso Nhlabatsi said the constitution promoted equality before the law and wondered why the Judge who was accused of committing a crime was not arrested and clear his name in court.

“We are surprised because even the Judicial Service Commission(JSC) is quiet yet another Judge who was accused of wrongdoing was suspended”, said the human rights lawyer.

 Industrial Court Judge Abande sends electronic evidence to editor, says Sithembiso is harassing him.
High Court of eSwatini.