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King Mswati: It is time to keep moving to 2022

Sunday, 26th January, 2020

LOZITHA: “It’s time to keep moving to First World by 2022, despite the current challenges”

These were the words of King Mswati who was preaching during the national church service that marked the beginning of the year at Lozitha, Mandvulo Hall. 

The King made an example about the story of the Israelites in the Bible who were liberated by God after being subjected to slavery for over 400 years. He said despite the challenges, the Nation will be prosperous because he loves this country.

“Pharoah sent soldiers to bring the Israelites back but they moved forward because it was time to keep moving. They never looked back because it was time to keep moving. It is time to keep moving to 2022” said the King.

The King further mentioned that the country once faced such challenges before, but God intervened.

“When we were discussing with the Councils, we would wonder where the next salaries will come from but we overcame those challenges. Even now, it is time to keep moving despite the challenges” he said.

The church service was attended by the Prime Minister, royalty, religious leaders, Ministers, Chiefs and senior government officers.

Eswatini is a country with about 70% of the population living the poverty line, however, the King is counted among the richest Monarchies in the Africa. Currently, the country is faced with high unemployment, food shortages, a health crisis among others. Civil servants have been demanding their Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for almost three years now.


King Mswati: It is time to keep moving to 2022
King Mswati III