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King’s Government aware of those who burn structures but endless investigation for those who killed civilians.

Thursday, 7th October, 2021

Whenever a citizen is killed by the State, there would be denials and endless investigations by the government but those who burn structures are easily identified, these are political tactics of a falling regime.

Perhaps, it is time the people of this country intensified the calls for democratic reforms and remove this illegitimate government that prioritizes structures over the lives of those who were killed by the police and Mswati’s soldiers.

It should be noted that this illegitimate government is bonded to luxury and properties not the people because it was never elected by the citizens hence it prioritizes property over human life.

Despite the availability of evidence amounting to reasonable belief that police allegedly killed Thabani Nkomonye, taxpayers money was spent to fund the investigation, the intention was to make sure that people slowly forget about the case and that would be end.

But when it comes to the burning of structures, government has identities of those who incite the people, there are no endless investigations when their political interests are threatened.

It is very important for the citizens to understand the politics of evading accountability by this regime, even Government Spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini would quickly quote the Constitution when questioned by the international media about human rights violations in the country.

“Eswatini has a Constitution that guarantees human rights ” ,Dlamini told Ligwalagwala FM.

It is our duty as the independent media to tell the world that the Constitution is a useless document in this country because Mswati who violates human rights with impunity is above the law.

Sabelo Dlamini was a journalist of the captured media and he was very incompetent, no wonder, he always provide almost one and same response when questioned by the different international media organizations.

“Eswatini has a Constitution that guarantees human rights”

Where was the Constitution when Mswati’s security forces killed over one hundred(100) civilians while over two hundred(200) were injured?

Obviously, the response from the government that was quick to exaggerate the costs of destroyed property to R3billion would be “we are investigating that”.

Now, Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini urges Members of Parliament(MPs) to calm the citizens in the midst of the political unrest, this means Dlamini lacks political wisdom or not in touch with reality. 

Protesting citizens who are genuinely advocating for democracy are now following and taking orders from the pro-democracy leaders not from captured MPs.

I will not comment about those who burn structures but we do have a suspect in Senior Superintendent Enock Zulu who allegedly burned Ok Foods and government always avoids to quote that case.

The truth or reality on the ground suggests that Mswati’s Throne will not exist in the next coming years because even the youth are calling for his removal, anyone who calls himself a leader but unpopular with young people must know his days are numbered.

This cruel and oppressive regime sidelined young people for a long time, it keeps on re-cycling old loyalists because they don’t care about the unemployed youth.

King Mswati’s Government can try all political tricks but the truth is, the people have taken a resolution to remove this government, eventually it will fall.

As the independent media, we will consistently provide information and analysis to enlighten the people so that they can organise themselves and remove this oppressive regime.

King’s Government aware of those who burn structures but endless investigation for those who killed civilians.
King Mswati