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Let’s have a referendum to decide the future of this country

Friday, 1st November, 2019

With the current social, economic and political challenges, perhaps now it’s the time for this country to have a referendum that will drive us in the right direction.

It is now evident that those in leadership including Cabinet are now confused about what to do to drive this country out of the current mess and as such, the people as the custodians of power should make a decision through a referendum. It would be unjust for us as a Nation to sit down and watch our country being destroyed by those in power and the situation is getting worse day by day. It is now clear that the current Cabinet was not appointed to improve the economy but to intensify the looting for the benefit of the royal family hence the reports suggesting that the King purchased Rolls Royce for his wives should not come as a surprise. Over a week ago the government hosted the second Economic conference at the Royal convention center together with the University of Swaziland and the Central bank. I will not bore you with anything that was discussed but I will give you the bigger picture that was not given to those that attended. The boldest statement was made by the PM before he could read his speech. He introduced his speech with a joke which he had watched on SABC where the Deputy President (David Mabuza) had been asked to make a speech on 4IR in Parliament. After he had finished his speech, he was asked by an EFF member to explain it to the man on the street. The Deputy had a big problem. He was “saved” by another EFF member who told the Speaker of the house that the Deputy needed to make a phone call to get an explanation on what he had just read. The joke was on the PM himself. He had just told the gathering that there was no link between his speech and the economic recovery of this country. Then the Commissioner-General (SRA) pointed it out that the cabinet had no idea of the economic mess this country was in when it got into office and it is only now that the ministers are beginning to come to terms with the gravity of the situation. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do about it. Then there was Lindiwe Dlamini (the woman who took the King to court over the abduction of her daughter), who was at pains trying to explain why internet data was costing an arm and a leg for users. In the end, she said it all came down to a lack of amendment of legislation in the country. Who is benefitting then from the current status quo? By now you are aware that the biggest shareholder in this communication industry is the King. The cherry on top was FNB’s MD Mbingo who said he had never heard of a situation where “privilege would give up a seat” for the common good. Would the King ever consider letting go of some of the “benefits” of being a King for the good of the majority of the Swazi people? Do you know how critical is the energy sector in driving the economy of Swaziland?

 Sometimes at the beginning of the year, a comprehensive report was put together by the energy sector to have a viable and sustainable energy industry in Swaziland. This report was adopted by Cabinet. It entailed using biomass from the country’s forests. 2 – 3 months down the line, the King read from his speech that Montigny would be shipping biomass and wood chips to Japan for material gain. This should make it clear that the Finance Minister is not there for the interests of the Swazis but to steal from the Swazis and from Swaziland. At the center of all the chaos in this country is the King. It is not a good political set-up to have the King with all powers. There is no majority rule here. There is the rule of the King. Are Swazis being pushed to talk about independence again? What was the purpose of seeking independence after the Second World War? Does independence mean all rights and power to a King?

Let’s have a referendum to decide the future of this country
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