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Teachers call for 21 days of fasting against King Mswati

Tuesday, 28th January, 2020

MBABANE:Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) says teachers have endorsed a national prayer including fasting against  King Mswati 111 after his government refused to award them a Cost of Living adjustment.

In an interview with this Swaziland News, Mbongwa Dlamini said they are willing to go on a fast for the situation to change. 

“The Christian Educators fellowship (CEF) and the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) have endorsed the 21 days of fasting which aims at crying to God to help us deal with Mswati’s regime. We say God must intervene as two things must happen, Mswati must give us our monies as teachers, and God Almighty must unleash his wrath on him,” explained Mbongwa. 

He went on to say that divine help would help improve the country’s socio-economic ills. “Vele Mzomba nangabe inkhosi kungiyo levimbe kutsi singatfoli imali sitsi Nkulunkulu akasisite ikhweshe, meaning if the King is the one responsible for not implementing our cost of living adjustment then God should set him aside. The Christian Educators fellowship (CEF) believes we can take on the Mswati regime through spiritual means,” added the President. 


Sdumo Dlamini, CEF chairperson confirmed the matter in an interview with this Swaziland News.


“The essence of the prayer is that our King must come to his senses, intrust his principals to give us the money we need, which is the Cost of Living adjustment. Our problems emanates from this economic and political challenges we face as workers.

The Christian Educators fellowship hereby invites all teachers, Swazi workers, and Christian believers to 21 days of fasting and prayer to be conducted-starting from 28 January 2020 to 14 February 2019,” narrated Dlamini. 


He went on to explain the details of the national prayer. “There will be an all night prayer session, everyone is requested to fast from sunset to sunset. Our main focus is that the will of God and his divine plans should never be frustrated by anyone. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 states it clear that it is the will of God Almighty that people should be led /ruled in perfect righteousness,” he said. 


Gcina Mthethwa, an Exiled Prominent Swazi prophet said that this is a threat to Mswati’s dynasty. “Fasting is dangerous way of communicating with God, it has quick and more aggressive outcomes. “When you pray you are asking God to do something for you but when you fast you are actually not asking but forcing God to intervene. God comes down with great anger to fight your enemy and if it’s true that they will be fasting, definitely they will win,” said the prophet. 


Teachers and members of the public who want to join the prayer are urged to consult Sdumo Dlamini on 7661 2670.

Teachers call for 21 days of fasting against King Mswati
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