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King Mswati: Democracy should be grounded on cultural norms

Friday, 31st January, 2020

LOBAMBA:King Mswati said true democracy should be grounded on cultural values of that particular country.

Speaking today in Parliament when delivering his Speech from the Throne, the King urged Swazis including those living abroad not to do away with their true identity in pursuit for democracy. He said the ‘large’ numbers of people who attend cultural events and traditional ceremonies was an indication that Swazis were united.

“True democracy should be grounded on the cultural norms of that particular country. I would like to urge the Nation, even those living abroad not to do away with their true identity” he said.

The King then maintained that eSwatini will reach the First World Status by 2022 which he said comes with a better life for all. He said government was committed in taking care of the elderly, orphans and those who require special health care. The Head of State said the country should work extra hard and reduce the amount of goods imported from other countries adding that some of these products should be produced locally. He promised the Nation that government will install Free-Wifi in all public places including Tinkhundla centres, however, he said, this requires more infrastructure development.

Eswatini is a country ruled by an absolute Monarch with about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, political parties are banned from participating in elections.





King Mswati: Democracy should be grounded on cultural norms
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