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My experience working with King Mswati

Friday, 31st January, 2020

If I were to be asked of my sincere opinion about Kings I would say they are not good as leaders because they prefer living alone as opposed to living with people and joining hands with them in times of hardship.

This would be based on my life experiences under King Mswati lll. He has shown me how Kings behave and conduct themselves when they suddenly inherit a lot of wealth and a people. Kings are distrustful of the people they lead and they would rather have people used as tools to amass wealth at the peril of many than to invest in the education of the people they lead and their children. Kings have nothing in common with their subjects and they would rather have a situation where no one has any right other than looking up to the king for survival. My King has been successful in demonstrating how to spend money especially if it is flowing freely to the palace. He has shown me the value of surrounding himself with “yes” men who listen to no voice of reasoning but to the King. The King does not know what we want for our children but he knows what he wants for his family and how to go about putting it first. His children go to the best schools in the country for early childhood learning so that they may do well in life. A King has to put in place a strategy of appointing certain people who will facilitate easy access to a country’s resources without anybody questioning him or the appointees. My experiences are horrible because I have failed to feel comfortable in this political set up. Other fellow Swazis have also learned to cope with such blatant abuse of authority to the extent that they see nothing wrong with anything happening under the sun. Let me hasten to say that when I was young I could see nothing wrong with any political decisions taken then because I was clue less and unsuspecting of grownups. Then I grew up and began to look at life differently. Education, under the Salesian fathers, had an impact on my thinking later on in life. When the King came into my life he was a totally different King to what he is now. I was no conformist. The King used to like robust debating of issues. Some of his folks did not approve of my acquaintance with the King. The battle ground was drawn with the Swazi Nation‘s interests at stake. As the battle intensified I lost because I had no alliance behind me. I refuse to surrender and with God on our side the ordinary man is waging the good fight and shall overcome for the common good. 

My experience working with King Mswati
Mfomfo Nkambule