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Sickly elderly couple faces death, appeals to King Mswati for food.

Wednesday, 12th February, 2020

MAPHUNGWANE: Logwaza Matsenjwa(86) and his wife  Joanah Mantfonsi-Matsenjwa, both suffering from Tuberculosis are waiting for their turn to the grave, they said only food can save their lives at this juncture.

In an interview with this Swaziland News, Logwaza Matsetjwa appealed to His Majesty King Mswati to assist them with food as a matter of urgency as they were slowly dying of hunger. 

“We appeal to the King to help us with food as we are diagnosed with tuberculosis, we are also in need of proper shelter, he said.

The couple stays at Etingodvweni, Maphungwane  under Matsanjeni North Inkhundla within the poverty stricken Lubombo Region. Swaziland, now eSwatini is a country with about 70% of the population living below the poverty line. However, the Head of State, King Mswati is counted as the third richest Monarch in Africa with an estimated fortune of over R2billion as reported by Forbes Magazine.

Logwaza Matsetjwa said he normally wake up in the morning to ask for thin porridge from neighbours and sometimes, he would came back with nothing. 

 “I am tired of moving around the community asking for food. Everyday,I have to ask for thin porridge from the villagers and in most cases we end up getting nothing” he said.

A resident from the area, Sabelo Maziya also confirmed the plight of the couple when speaking to this Swaziland News. 

“I saw them in December, while passing by their homestead. He was alone eating cooked green leaves which were next to his pots. I was shocked when I discovered that the old man was eating leaves” said the resident.

Matikweni Nkambule a neighbour who normally try and assist further appealed for assistance on behalf of the sickly couple.

“On behalf of this sickly elderly couple, I appeal to all Swazis to donate food and shelter for them. I have seen their apartment; it’s falling apart and the roof leaks as rain soaks the whole room, their environment is now a health hazard,” said Nkambule. 



Sickly elderly couple faces death, appeals to King Mswati for food.
Logwaza Matsetjwa and his wife