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PPA leaders persecuted by the courts for calling for democratic reforms

Wednesday, 12th February, 2020

Just like South Africa that was once in the hands of a minority government, Swaziland has reached that stage where the minority royal family persecute anyone who challenge it. 

King Mswatii lll, and his family rules Swaziland, he makes all the laws in this country and interprets them to suit his family. The white South Africans never thought that one day the blacks would be in charge. 

Our King has the mind of the Afrikanner,he seems convinced that this family will forever rule this country. When His Majesty looks at the Judiciary and the police service, he sees organs at his disposal that he can use to teach all those whom he considers naughty a lesson. The way His Majesty treats those who are calling for serious political reforms is not different from what the minority government of South Africa was doing to the blacks. 

Their leaders were persecuted continuously and they got no reprieve from the courts of the land. The PPA leadership should expect perpetual harassment from His Majesty‚Äôs Organs, it is going to get worse before it gets better. The good thing is that entering the Swaziland turf is Mainland China, these guys mean business. 

They have their hands on the King\'s balls. He can\'t pay attention on the workers\' unions or the PPA and Mainland China. The arrogance of the King will cost this country dearly because the King thinks he lives in this country alone. In his wisdom he thinks Taiwan is the best choice. He is making a bad choice because he just loves money that why choose Taiwan over us. But soon, he will come crawling to Beijing pleading to be let in. The PPA has to change strategies, it must come up with a solid structure to march forward.

 It must embrace diversification without loosing focus of the main goal. We demand the right to vote, legislate and appropriate resources.

PPA leaders persecuted by the courts for calling for democratic reforms
PPA leaders in a recent court case(internet pic)