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Political Parties nominate NNLC President Sibongile Mazibuko to sign dialogue letter to SADC Troika Chairperson.

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021

BOKSBURG: Sibongile Mazibuko, the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) was endorsed by political parties under the PPA to sign a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Chairperson of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) Troika on Politics, Defense and Security.

PPA stands for the Political Parties Assembly and is a collaboration of political parties in the country working collectively to intensify the calls for democratic reforms. 

The political parties who endorsed the NNLC President include the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO), the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) , Sive Siyinqaba, Swaziland Democratic Party(SWADEPA) and the Communist Party of Swaziland(CPS). 

Other political parties who are affiliated to the PPA include the People’s Front, Swaziland People’s Liberation Movement(SPLM),Inhlava Forum and the Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) of Swaziland.

Mandla Hlatswayo, the Chairperson of Letfu Sonkhe Institute for Strategic Thinking and Development who was facilitating at the national conference asked the leaders of the political parties to nominate one PPA leader who would sign on their behalf hence Mazibuko was nominated.

”Just nominate one leader who can sign for the PPA”, said Mandla Hlatswayo of Letfu Sonkhe.

The letter from the PPA and the Multi-Stakeholders Forum stipulates a proposed framework for the political dialogue in Swaziland(eSwatini).

“This framework provides the terms of reference for the national dialogue and the political negotiations as discussed and adopted at the national conference of the Mass Democratic Movement and political parties representing a wide spectrum of our society that are at the centre of the national mobilization for the democratization of the country”, read the letter in part.

The letter was also signed by human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko, the Chairperson of the Multi-Stakeholders Forum representing organizations from the civil society.

Political Parties nominate NNLC President Sibongile Mazibuko to sign dialogue letter to SADC Troika Chairperson.
NNLC President Sibongile Mazibuko of the Political Parties Assembly(PPA).