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King Mswati on a political suicide mission, State controlled media cannot wash away blood on his hands.

Thursday, 16th December, 2021

The media, both independent and captured remain a powerful tool to influence the court of public opinion and trigger public debates.

But despite the power of influence, no journalist in the world or Public Relations agent can wash away the blood of innocent citizens from the hands of King Mswati, the killing of protesting civilians is and remains a political blunder that will haunt him for years.

In as much as some powerful figures respect, fear the media while others believe there’s nothing the press cannot do in influencing the minds of the people, let me clarify that the media cannot wash away the blood from anyone who killed a human being.

As a result, Mswati remains an alleged political serial killer whose crimes against humanity cannot be erased by the State controlled media.

Perhaps, as a Christian, it is my religious belief that the media source it’s power from the TRUTH, any media organization that seeks to counter the truth automatically becomes useless, a good example is the ‘royal’ owned Swazi Observer.

Propaganda is not new and tactics used by the State owned media to try and clean the blood of the innocent citizens from the hands of Mswati are not new, however, the truth always emerges victorious.

About 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ, in one of his preachings said “I am the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE and this means Jesus Christ’s other name is “Truth” hence the truth always wins against all uncertainties.

In light of the aforementioned, one of the reasons it is always impossible to fight anyone who speaks the truth is that the truth is Jesus himself.

As mentioned, propaganda is not new, after the killing of Jesus who was politically charged with treason, he subsequently rose from the dead but soldiers were deployed to go around disseminating false information that he did not rise from the dead but his disciples stole his body while the royal guards were asleep.

But over 2000 years later, the truth has been winning and we know that Jesus Christ was killed and subsequently rose from the dead .

The role of Percy Simelane and other State propagandists in trying to wash away the blood from the hands of Mswati does not come as a surprise to us, however, no journalist or PR agent will ever wash away the blood from Mswati’s hands.

In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to mention that for any media to be trusted by the people, it must first be credible.

Mswati expects media organizations like the Swazi Observer that were long rejected by the people to wash the blood on his hands after the alleged killing of civilians, that will not happen Your Majesty, you are and remain an alleged serial killer who committed crimes against humanity.

King Mswati on a political suicide mission, State controlled media cannot wash away blood on his hands.
King Mswati