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2022: Mswati postponed a political problem, now its time to face reality.

Friday, 31st December, 2021

The outright lie uttered by King Mswati who undermined the intelligence of the Swazis saying eSwatini would become a First World country by 2022 should be a lesson to all political leaders that you cannot postpone a political problem.

King Mswati, in his various speeches from the Throne, created false hopes to the poor Swazis saying there would live a better life by 2022, some citizens, perhaps due to lack of understanding regarding the definition of a First World country believed him until reality striked.

Eswatini has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, these citizens were pushed into poverty by Mswati who legitimized corruption, nepotism, thousands are struggling to secure jobs and tenders from Government because they don’t have royal connections.

It has become a norm for Mswati to try and postpone political problems facing this country but reality always catches up with him.

After the arrival of SADC Troika Chairperson President Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in the ongoing political unrest, Mswati postponed a political dialogue saying he would avail himself after Incwala,now its time to face reality.

When Mswati talked about 2022 being a year where all Swazis would live a better life, perhaps, he never thought a new generation that questions and hold those in power accountable would emerge, now the lies have caught up with him and he resorted to shooting and killing when questioned.

Mswati is a very weak and ‘low minded’ leader who cannot be trusted with political power, where his thinking capacity ends, he resort to shooting and killing innocent civilians.

It is not a surprise that the State controlled media is no longer promoting the 2022 propaganda because it’s time to face reality, no State journalist is questioning the King about this outright lie.

But apart from the 2022 first world propaganda, the King is yet to face reality as the Nation waits patiently for a political dialogue.

As mentioned, postponing the problem will never solve the social, economic and political ills he has been manufacturing all these years.

Swazis by their nature are very patient, that they decided to halt the protests does not mean the struggle for democracy is over, they are actually giving Mswati a political rope to hang himself.

King Mswati must know that this generation of young people will not entertain his political nonsense, the days of an absolute Monarch are over.

Furthermore, it worth mentioning that Mswati was never elected by the people and this include his Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, in fact a majority of influential figures in the country’s political hierarchy are not a product of a democratic process.

As a result, Mswati, with his bunch of political clowns like Senator Themba Masuku will never sustain this dictatorship government in the midst of the growing calls for democratic reforms.

Indeed, his tactics of postponing instead of solving the political problems facing this country is like stopping a watch with intent to save time, at the end, Mswati will eventually face reality.

2022: Mswati postponed a political problem, now its time to face reality.
King Mswati.