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Swazis summoned to drink Buganu while King loots billions

Saturday, 29th February, 2020

The King summoned women for the marula ceremony over a week or two ago and people expressed their opinions on the ceremony ranging from Christian perspective to financial implications. There is a lot that is not understood by many Swazis about Swaziland. 

Swaziland is a kingdom that is ruled by an absolute monarch.This is best understood by Europeans, including the Brits, because they were once ruled by Kings and eventually took charge of their own affairs. It was not easy but they did it. An absolute monarch does whatever he likes with his people and he owns the country\'s resources (time, people, money and natural resources). What do you own? When Swazis heed His Majesty\'s summons, it is because of lack of proper education (ability to reason independently and challenge status quo based on facts and patterns of events over time). Swazis will have to come to terms with the fact that they have surrendered their thinking capacity to the King as long as he remains an absolute monarch. I refuse to surrender my thinking capacity to the King or to anybody else for that matter because God has not appointed any man to be my superior. 

All of those who see nothing wrong with the way that His Majesty uses his power are those who have surrendered their capacity to think to the King. These believe every word spoken by those that the King has invited to serve him in his government (Cabinet, Parliament, judiciary and councillors) and parastatal. I am not the one driving a wedge between the King and \"his people\' but in reality it is the King\'s conduct and reasoning ability that is alienating him from intelligent and brave Swazis. I would rather concentrate on huge amounts squandered by King(Sicunusa-Nhlangano road) than marula ceremony). Right now Billions are systematically being looted from the Budget and all blind Swazis can do is nod their heads in approval. A fool and his gold are soon parted.

Swazis summoned to drink Buganu while King loots billions
A Swazi woman preparing buganu traditional beer