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The invisible multi-million media war between Channel S Director Qhawe Mamba and the Times.

Sunday, 30th January, 2022

Qhawe Mamba, the Channel S Director might have ‘robbed’ Swazis millions through his Channel S Club but here is the reason why Qhawe was targeted by the Times.

In this country, there’s a ‘mafia’ by the name of Paul Loffler, the multi-billionaire Times Director who benefited billions from public funds through advertising by Government and private companies.

Every year, companies and Government set aside millions as an advertising budget and that money has been benefiting Loffler as his newspaper was seen as a leading media house a few years ago.

When other media companies like the Channel S emerged, that meant companies would compare advertising rates or quotations and then split the millions to advertise on different platforms thus reducing Loffler or the Times ‘cake’ hence the agenda to destroy Qhawe Mamba.

It should be noted that there were many public figures who were looting public funds and this included the then Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini, King Mswati and others, but between the year 2006- 2011, Qhawe Mamba was making headlines in the Times and portrayed as a criminal. 

Of course Mamba committed a crime, but it is important that we inform the Nation that in this country we have a ‘mafia’ by the name of Paul Loffler who always unleashes his reporters on anyone who establishes a media company because that threatens his business that benefits from the public funds.

Instead of publishing articles that seek to empower the citizens and liberate this country, Times Director Loffler is only concerned with his business interests and anyone who establishes a media company that seeks to open the minds of the people is targeted.

Even though the persecution of the independent media by the State controlled Time is politically motivated, there are business wars behind it, the Times has been fighting for years to remain the only media company so that they can continue charging companies about E 20,000.00 per page in advertising for one day.

The emergence of other media platforms means these businesses will then have a choice where to advertise.

Times Director Paul Loffler personally told me via the phone in 2014 when I was establishing the then Swaziland Shopping that I was wasting money because my newspaper would subsequently close. 

He advised me to leave the media and focus on investigation and that was when  I started to notice why many newspapers were forced to shut down.

The persecution of the independent media is not only political, but there are people who are afraid that as the citizens migrate to online news, they might lose jobs and businesses worth millions.

At least some of us who fully understand this ‘game’ are able to mitigate the Times when they try to attack, we will not only blame Mswati for suppressing the people, we know the ‘mafia’ who is fighting to protect his business interests while people are suffering.

The invisible multi-million media war between Channel S Director Qhawe Mamba and the Times.
Channel S Director Qhawe