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Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala is corrupt to the core, plotting injustice against incarcerated pro-democracy MPs.

Monday, 31st January, 2022

Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala is corrupt to the core and it’s very unfortunate that a whole justice system could be headed by a corrupt individual.

The documents supported by an interview where a security guard Nkululeko Dlamini alleged that he was allegedly subpoenaed  by the court to falsely testify against incarcerated pro-democracy MPs Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube suggests that the judiciary, under the administration of the corrupt Chief Justice has been turned into a ‘mafia’ that manipulates the law to legitimize injustice.

Dlamini told this publication that he was subjected to duress to falsely testify against the MPs and this is very unfortunate that Chief Justice Maphalala continues with his corrupt tendencies.

When Barnabas Dlamini, the then Prime Minister manipulated the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) to investigate the CJ, Maphalala was frequenting to Ludzidzini and Lozitha Palace seeking protection from Mswati after Barnabas intensified moves to influence his removal from office.

Subsequently, on or around 2016, the CJ manipulated the law and castrated the Anti-Corruption Commission through a highly corrupt judgement just to protect his position, as a result, the ACC has been struggling to perform its legal duties.

I am not suggesting that Barnabas was right to use the ACC against the CJ but it was highly unethical and amounted to abuse of power for Maphalala to deliver a judgement without declaring that the Anti-Corruption was investigating him.

Now, the country has a non-functioning ACC because of one corrupt man who abused his powers as a Judge without consideration the consequences of his judgement to the social, economic and political stability of the country.

As the situation stands, the ACC now exist on paper and those in power are looting public funds with impunity because Judge Maphalala opted to protect his interests while giving a gateway to his fellow corrupt allies to loot without fear of being arrested.

It is a disgrace to note that a whole Chief Justice could deny these MPs their right to appeal and subsequently be a conduit to persuade a security guard to falsely testify against the MPs who are fighting for the liberation of the people.

Perhaps, let me remind the Chief Justice that the people are determined to be liberated and eventually the will of the people will prevail.

We understand why Maphalala did not vigorously oppose the application where the MPs were seeking an order to force the Supreme Court Registrar to enroll their appeal, it was a strategy to have the MPs win at least one case just to fool the world that there is justice in eSwatini.

Indeed, the plan was to then appeal Judge Doris Tshabalala judgement's so that the injustice directed to the MPs could be mitigated with strategic court judgements that seem to be in their favour without changing the situation.

It was very strange that a whole Chief Justice could go as far as appealing a genuine application, where incarcerated citizens of the country are seeking justice.

I never thought that in our lifetime, we will witness a situation where citizens have to file an application trying to force a Chief Justice to at least allow them access to justice.

One of the definitions of corruption is abuse of power for dishonest gain and this is exactly what Bheki Maphalala is doing, he is abusing his powers to please King Mswati while benefiting from his corrupt decisions.

But then, we will investigate and obtain evidence why the CJ is afraid to have the case of the incarcerated pro-democracy MPs enrolled and heard by the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala is corrupt to the core, plotting injustice against incarcerated pro-democracy MPs.
Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala