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“Gospel artist Frans Dlamini ordered me to commit abortion,”says alleged girlfriend

Wednesday, 4th March, 2020

MANZINI - Kayise Nhleko aged 30 has alleged in a new audio that his boyfriend Frans Dlamini a top Gospel artist tried to force her to abort her pregnancy. 

This comes after Frans publicly denied that he had a sexual relationship with Nhleko. However Frans then took the woman to his own doctor to verify if Nhleko was truly pregnant or not. 

The results came out negative, this didn’t go down well with Nhleko who vowed to see justice served on being impregnated by France. It is worth noting that Dlamini is a married man and he also doubles as a minister of the word of God through singing.

Kayise Nhleko in an audio in our possession detailed how their intimate relationship started with the singer. “I was in an intimate relationship with Frans Dlamini, he is lying that I was his fan. We first met in 2014 at Pick n Pay at Mashayitafula and at that time he was very busy. However we then rekindled our sexual relationship in 2019. He used to come to me driving his white car or maroon private car.  He would often take me to a guest house, where we would get intimate. I then fell pregnant the same year, which was when I informed him that I had fallen pregnant,” said Nhleko. 

Nhleko also said that receiving the news she was pregnant might have frightened Dlamini as he disappeared for some time. “Having disappeared for two weeks, Frans Dlamini emerged and told me that I should go and abort the pregnancy. I never followed his order which then created tension between us. He then abandoned me with the pregnancy, he knows very well that am pregnant but he is playing mind guys,” she explained. 

She added that France took him to a doctor whom he had ordered to give us false information on the pregnancy. “He took me to his doctor in order to conceal the pregnancy. I have since been informed that Frans and the said doctor are bosom friends. Frans is a liar he first said I am his fan which was false but now the truth has come out that we have been having sex on numerous occasion in guest houses. The child inside me is growing, it is starting to show and I still insist that I am pregnant,” she narrated. 

Frans Dlamini however denied the pregnancy existed. “There is no pregnancy, this woman is not pregnant at all and she is just lying. She visited a medical doctor and her scan results show that there was no pregnant. I am shocked that she is now saying we are friends with the doctor and that this is my medical doctor. She is crucifying me because I refused to give her loads of cash. I had been informed that this woman targets men who have money and then tricks them to give her more money. Kayise Nhleko is just out to destroy my name,” said Dlamini. 

“Gospel artist Frans Dlamini ordered me to commit abortion,”says alleged girlfriend
Kayise Nhleko, the alleged girlfriend of Gospel artist Frans Dlamini