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PAY AS YOU EARN INCREASE: A Parliament without MPs Magawugawu, Bacede and Mthandeni.

Saturday, 19th February, 2022

Whenever Member of Parliament(MP) Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane addressed the House through the Speaker, there would be a moment of silence as he articulated issues of public interest.

When Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg  introduced a policy whose intention was to frustrate ‘Dubai’ cars dealers, MP Magawugawu successfully moved a motion stopping that policy, however, the Minister went back to the drawing board and subsequently came-up with another strategy to force the car dealers out of the country.

As you read this article, there are few ‘Dubai’ cars dealers in eSwatini and the cars that used to be affordable to the ordinary Swazis are now expensive because the Minister increased taxes just to frustrate them and grab more money from the pockets of the citizens.

MP Magawugawu who was one of the voices of the citizens as per a mandate from the electorate was forced into exile and subsequently removed as an MP.

Now, in the midst of the ever escalating costs of basic necessities of life, Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg increased Pay as You Earn(PAYE) from 33% to 36% and he did this knowing that MP Magawugawu, Bacede and Mthandeni were not in Parliament.

As a result,  it would be easy for the Finance Minister to thrash the few pro-democracy MPs in that Parliament who might challenge his capitalist driven budget speech.

What happened to MPs Magawugawu, Mthandeni and Bacede should be an eye opener to the citizens that this regime is all out to destroy and ensure that Swazis remain poor.

That these MPs who were the voice of the people were persecuted and subsequently thrown behind bars suggests that anyone who stands for the truth in the public interest automatically becomes an enemy of this regime and its capitalists.

MP Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane warned that frustrating the Dubai car dealers would push the citizens deeper into poverty and this is exactly what is happening now, these cars are expensive and Pay as You Earn(PAYE) has been increased to ensure that even workers dont afford a decent life including owning cars.

MP Magawugawu was new in Parliament but he demonstrated to the Nation what it meant to be a Member of Parliament.

The regime persecuted and subsequently removed him, but he left Parliament with integrity knowing that he never betrayed the people.

MPs Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube are behind bars as the regime continues to persecute them but they are locked with their integrity, knowing that they never betrayed the people.

It is therefore of paramount importance to remind the few remaining pro-democracy MPs inside Parliament that this budget speech will test their character, they must demonstrate during the debate whether they stand with the people or they were captured by these corrupt capitalists linked to King Mswati.

Speaking the truth does not require a majority vote, even if the other captured MPs can support Neal Rijikernberg’s capitalist driven budget speech that seeks to oppress the poor, one MP who will oppose it will become a hero among the masses.

In conclusion, it is important to remind the Nation including all workers that this regime is all out to push citizens deeper into poverty. 

Now, workers will struggle to afford cars and opt for public transports as Pay as You Earn(PAYE) and other taxes dig deeper into their pockets.

But as the costs of fuel increases, even a public transport will soon become costly for an ordinary citizen as Government might also hike bus fares.

At the end, the poor will remain poorer while the rich control everything including our political and economic affairs.

It’s a ‘mafia’ State controlled by rules of the jungle, it’s either you consume or you are consumed.

PAY AS YOU EARN INCREASE: A Parliament without MPs Magawugawu, Bacede and Mthandeni.
Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane, the then Siphofaneni MP.