• Breaking News – Convicted eSwatini pro-democracy MP Bacede Mabuza maintains call for a democratic government outside the control of dictator King Mswati.
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MP Timothy Myeni, a Saul who was converted into Paul.

Thursday, 24th February, 2022

Nkilongo Member of Parliament(MP) who was a strong defender of the Tinkhundla system is now a key player in the fight for democratic reforms and a voice of the people.

When one political ‘sinner’ who was  serving the oppressor repents, the masses celebrate hence Timothy, despite his past political weaknesses, he is now a darling of the people.

Over two thousands(2000) years ago, there was a man known as Saul who was a strong supporter of a regime that was persecuting Christians in the Middle East. Saul was a very energetic man who killed many Christians and he had vowed to finish them in no time.

But one day while on his way to Damascus to kill more Christians, the Lord appeared to Saul in the form of lightning, paralyzed him before questioning him.

“Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”, asked the Lord, to which Saul responded: “Who are you Lord?”

The Lord responded, “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting. Arise and go into the city, and there you will be told what you must do”.

Saul became blind after being disciplined by the Lord for persecuting him, however, the discipline was not meant to kill but to correct him as his vision was later restored. 

Saul thought he was persecuting the Christians and or the people not knowing that he was persecuting Jesus himself because Jesus is a Spirit, he dwells within the people.

Jesus was part of the meeting between God the Father and the Holy in the beginning where the idea of creating a human being was discussed so any persecution directed to his people is a direct attack to him.

After being converted from being a supporter of a regime that was killing the people, Saul was converted to become a powerful weapon for the Christian religion and he used his writing skills to spread the gospel.

Like Saul, Timothy once criticized MPs Magawugawu, Bacede and Mthandeni and praised the Tinkhundla system.

No one forced Timothy Myeni to convert from being a supporter of cruel and evil Tinkhundla system to become a pro-democracy MP, he listened to a word that spoke to him.

I am one of those whom Timothy called the first day he decided to stand with the people and I encouraged him that he was doing the right thing because the people belong to God.

Like the incarcerated MP Bacede, Timothy is a very rich MP who can survive with what he has for the rest of his life, I am told some of his multi-million assets are not even in eSwatini.

Other MPs opted to keep quiet and allow the regime to kill people just because they think they might be persecuted by the regime and lose what they have.

Perhaps, before taking the decision, Timothy looked at his wealth and he was aware that the regime might persecute and force him to poverty, but he decided to stand for the truth.

Timothy came from the rural area of Ncandweni, he was not assisted by the regime to accumulate what he has today, but the singing talent planted by God in him made him a millionaire.

This means life, silver, gold and riches of the world are not controlled by Mswati’s regime but God, it’s better to listen to God’s word because one day, Mswati will perish.

Like Bacede, even if Timothy could lose everything, once democracy is achieved, his wealth could double if not tripled because he would become one of the respected struggle icons and the people would support his businesses.

In conclusion, let me remind other MPs who are supporting the regime that kills people to learn from Timothy Myeni who allowed himself to be converted from being Saul to Paul.

This country will soon attain democracy and all sellouts will feel like outcasts because no one will take them seriously, let’s have more Sauls who are willing to be converted to Paul’s inside Parliament. 

MP Bacede Mabuza is fast becoming more popular because, he declared inside Parliament that he was ready to die or go to prison for the liberation of the people.

Indeed, he left his millions, mansions and everything to suffer for the people.

MP Timothy Myeni, a Saul who was converted into Paul.
MP Timothy Myeni.