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MPs must move a motion to tax multi-billionaire King Mswati.

Friday, 25th February, 2022

Members of Parliament(MPs) must consider moving a motion to tax King Mswati and all his multi-billion assets.
On Wednesday, Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo made a very important point in Parliament during the debate of the budget speech when he questioned Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg, demanding to know where the money for the increased Pay As You Earn will come from as workers particularly civil servants are lowly paid.
It should be noted that in the midst of financial struggles in this country, we mustn’t pretend as if we don’t know where are our money is, it is in the pockets of Mswati and stashed in billions.
It’s a pity that some MPs are loyal to the King without noticing that Mswati is grabbing more money from their pockets through Pay as You Earn(PAYE) and other taxes, after their term, these MPs will literally join the citizens living below the poverty line.
Mswati was never employed anywhere ever since he was born, he owns shares in various giant companies but his millions are not taxed.
The source of the problem to the financial challenges facing this country and its citizens is known, but political hypocrites like Neal Rijikernberg and other pro-Tinkhundla MPs decided to ignore the problem and grab more money from the pockets of the poor citizens.
Mswati and his allies that include Michello Shakantu, Neal Rijikernberg, Wayne Levendale and Kereem Ashraf among others, knew where the money for Swazis was, but Neal opted to undermine the intelligence of the Nation when delivering his budget speech.
It is clear now that this country does not have any future because the people who are stealing public funds are in power and they use many strategies to evade tax.
After depleting and emptying the coffers, they go back to the drawing board to strategize on how to generate more money for themselves.
For now, Mswati and his corrupt allies that include the Finance Minister have two main strategies to generate revenue and this include securing loans worth billions from international financial institutions and increasing tax to grab more money from the already financially struggling citizens.
After stealing the billions sourced from the international financial institutions through useless road projects like the one leading to the white elephant Sikhuphe airport, members of Mswati’s corrupt syndicate always came up with strategies on how to evade tax.
In this country, we have a Head of State who doubles as a businessman that controls almost everything in the business sector but is immune to taxation.
It is for these reasons this country is struggling to be financially stable because the King who is a major beneficiary in the economy does not pay tax but benefits from the revenue collected from workers and the poor citizens.
In conclusion, it is important to state that as Mswati continues to grab every cent in this country, he will continue reducing the salaries of workers including MPs by increasing tax.
At the end, even these Legislators will struggle to survive after their term of office and they will join the 70% of population living below the poverty line.
MPs must move a motion to tax multi-billionaire King Mswati.
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