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KaLiba men must march and demand answers from Chief Mlotjwa who insulted their women.

Friday, 11th March, 2022

When Chief Mlotjwa insulted kaLiba women calling them “bomakotanyana” he was actually undermining the husbands of those married women and all of us as citizens of this country.

As men, one of our core responsibilities is to protect our women from harm both physically, emotionally or otherwise, it is therefore absurd for a whole Chief to undermine women in this manner.

In fact any man who insults a married woman is indirectly showing a middle to the husband, even the Bible says “umfati unguMchele wendvodza yakhe”.

Therefore, Chief Mlotjwa was actually belittling the Crown of kaLiba men by insulting their women.

The sentiments of Chief Mlotjwa suggest that once we attain democracy, we must do away with all the traditional practices that reduce women into third class citizens, these are human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity.

The Chief thought he was blasting women but the reality is, he was actually undermining the men who are husbands of the women whom he referred to as “bomakotanyana”.

It should be noted that Chiefs are not gods but they are traditional leaders whose conduct and integrity should be above reproach.

How can Chief Mlotjwa  independently deal with cases of women abuse referred to him by boBandlancane or the traditional court if he undermines women in this manner? 

In light of the aforementioned and in my view, men of KaLiba must hold Chief Mlotjwa accountable for insulting their women, men have an obligation to protect women hence  Mlotjwa must account to the heads of families for calling their wives “bomakotanyana”.

Every man chooses the best when marrying a woman, therefore, if another man like Mlotjwa comes and insult those women,  saying “KaLiba men married bomakotanyana”, he should be punished.

KaLiba men must march and demand answers from Chief Mlotjwa who insulted their women.
Chief Mlotjwa.