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It’s time to hand over power to the people Your Majesty!

Tuesday, 15th March, 2022

King Mswati strongly believes that Eswatini is his own property and we must also blame the people around him who consistently lied to the King telling him he owned this country.

Perhaps, it is of paramount importance to remind the King that no human being in the whole world owns a country and if he chooses to believe those who lied to him seeking powerful positions, he must not involve the Swazis who are demanding democratic reforms in this political madness.

The King arrogantly told those demanding democratic reforms that eSwatini belonged to him and described the burning of structures as a direct attack on him, who does King Mswati thinks he is in this country?.

In as much as we condemn acts of violence, honestly, there is absolutely nothing Mswati achieved to earn respect from Swazis except to push the people deeper into poverty.

Therefore, for King Mswati to address his regiments and arrogantly utter absolute nonsense instead of providing solutions to the political challenges facing this country, was a clear demonstration of poor leadership.

As a result, whenever his Tinkhundla Government is challenged on what they have achieved in this country, they always speak about peace in a country where people with dissenting views are killed, others forced into exile.

It is important for Mswati to know that he will never ever enjoy peace while killing and arresting people with different political views.

Mswati must know that we were created by God with the ability to think and decide our own political future, one wonders who told the King that he is intelligent enough to force all of us to think like him.

Swazis want democracy and Mswati will eventually surrender power to the people whether he likes it or not, he will not rule forever.

Graduates in this country are financially struggling with low salaries while some are struggling to secure jobs.

On the other hand, Mswati who was never employed anywhere is a billionaire and survives by stealing public funds.

This country has a small population, Mswati must fall and surrender all the monies he has stolen to a new democratic Government for the benefit of the people.

It is very disturbing to note that in this country, a Government can approve a Gazette directing companies to pay employees a mere One Thousand, one hundred Rands(R1,100) for a whole month, what kind of a leader who wants to rule over a hungry and a poor Nation?

But then, perhaps he was blinded by those who misled him that he owned this country and by extension, he ended-up believing he owned the people. 

We hope Mswati will return from the dreamland and face reality, it’s time you hand over power to the people  Your Majesty!

It’s time to hand over power to the people Your Majesty!
King Mswati