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Sickly King Mswati’s swollen feet worries health experts.

Wednesday, 23rd March, 2022

MBABANE: A visibly sickly King Mswati appeared at Buhleni Palace for the buganu ceremony with swollen feet, health experts say such condition might be caused by a liver problem and challenges in blood circulation system.

Mswati has been sick for sometime now, he has been in and out of his Manzana Royal Hospital and was once admitted after contracting COVID-19.

When this publication reported that the King was sick, the State issued a warrant of arrest against this journalist, however the King later confirmed that he was sick in his speech from the Throne.

When asked to analyse a picture of the King’s feet, Mayibongwe Masangane, the Secretary General of the Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union (SWADNU)confirmed that they were swollen adding that such condition was a result of a liver problem and blood circulation.

“Tiyabonakala lokutsi tivuvukile, sikhatsi lesinengi tinyawo nativuvukile ukhandze kutsi sekunenkinga yesibindzi, nalokutsi-ke le-blood circulation ukhandze kutsi seyiyinkinga, naletilondza bese tiba khona(meaning: The feet are visibly swollen and most of the time, this is caused by a liver problem. When the blood circulation is not functioning well, the feet might develop sores,” said the Nurses Union Secretary General.

Questions were sent to King Mswati via his WhatsApp number after the Deputy Government Spokesperson consistently declined to respond to questions, however, the King had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

“Good day Your Majesty King Mswati, this is Zweli Martin Dlamini(Swaziland News editor).

We noted that you appeared at Buhleni Palace during the Buganu ceremony with visibly swollen feet and health experts allege that you might be suffering from a liver and blood circulation related disease. After we published a story suggesting that you contracted COVID-19, you later confirmed in your speech from the Throne that you were sick. How is your health condition now? What is causing your feet to be in such condition? Do you have any advise for Swazis who might be suffering from the same illness?

Lastly, when are you going to release the money to buy drugs in hospital and other working equipment as Swazis are dying? 

NB: Please note that we are sending this questionnaire directly to you because, even though your alleged sickness is of vital public interest, some of the questions require a direct response.

Furthermore, please be informed that the Deputy Government Spokesperson is not competent, she refuses to respond to our questions.Regards,” reads a questionnaire sent to King Mswati.

Sickly King Mswati’s swollen feet worries health experts.
King Mswati’s swollen feet worries health experts.