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CALLS FOR DEMOCRACY: Who are Swazis Mr Deputy Prime Minister?

Wednesday, 13th April, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku was quoted by the State owned eSwatini Observer saying Tinkhundla will continue operating in the country until Swazis decide that they want something else.

These sentiments raises a question, who are the Swazis that the DPM and the entire system has been referring to all these years?

It is now clear that in this country we have a serious problem similar to the apartheid that was experienced by South African citizens before their liberation.

Swazis who demand democratic reforms are not recognized as Swazis or citizens of this country, no wonder this regime has been questioning the nationality of those who are vocal against King Mswati’s dictatorship rule, “utsi bangemaSwati laba labakhuluma kanje ngeNkhosi?”

Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku must know that the Swazis who are demanding democratic reforms will eventually take over this country,historically, no oppressor has ever defeated the people.

The DPM is one of the most dangerous and corrupt hypocrites, he firstly questioned if pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza, Mthandeni Dube and Mduduzi Simelane were mandated by the Swazis to demand democracy.

But when Swazis visited the various Tinkhundla centres to deliver petitions in demand for democracy, the same Themba Masuku who was the Acting Prime Minister at the time banned the delivery of petitions as per an order from King Mswati.

Now, the Deputy Prime Minister says Tinkhundla will continue operating in the country until Swazis decide that they want something else, who are these Swazis?

This regime must understand that playing politics with the minds of the people claiming there are Swazis somewhere who must decide the political future of this country will never save it from wrath of the masses, people are tired of King Mswati.

Let me remind Themba Masuku that the pro-democracy journalist who is writing this article is a Swazi.

I am the grandson to Prince Mgungu, the senior Prince of LaMgabhi eTiyeni who once served as a Deputy National Court President after being appointed by King Sobhuza. 

My grandfather was a staunch supporter of Mswati but he never disowned me for being pro-democratic,at some point, he told police officers who visited my parental home looking for me to back-off. In his own words he said ,“Ningabuyi lana ningakaletsi lomtfwanami”.

This means, even though we differed in political opinion, he continued to support and protect me as his grandson and he never deprived me my rights and privileges as a family member.

Now,here is Themba Masuku,a corrupt and greedy political hypocrite claiming to be a Swazi more than all of us just because he wears Simohlwana.

Being favored by royalty just because you are easily used to implement corrupt orders that seek to oppress other Swazis does not mean Masuku is more Swazi than all of us.

All the protestors who are demanding democracy are Swazis who want to live a better life in their own country and they will eventually achieve that.

Furthermore, let me remind the Deputy Prime Minister that the two hundred thousand Rands(R200,000.00) that he ‘stole’ just for one trip to Geneva was a combination of taxes paid by both the progressives and conservatives.

Why is Themba Masuku stealing money from the pockets of the pro-democracy activists through tax if he claims they are not Swazis?

Anyone who thinks these protestors are not Swazis must watch patiently as the political climate changes, Mswati will eventually fall.

CALLS FOR DEMOCRACY: Who are Swazis Mr Deputy Prime Minister?
Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku.