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Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane tasting how it feels to live in fear.

Sunday, 24th April, 2022

Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane, the alleged serial killer police officer who has been torturing citizens including our families is now living in fear after he survived a hail of bullets at Sithobelweni on Thursday morning.

This is the same police officer who used to cross the border to hunt independent journalists and human rights defenders, today he is not living a normal life, for he doesn’t know the exact day when he would take the last breath.

When we warned the police through a series of articles that the violence they were planting in this country would eventually haunt them, they thought it was just a theory.

Journalists serve the public and you cannot fight the media and then expect to live a normal life, even at employment level, Clement Sihlongonyane will soon be irrelevant because police rely on information provided by the public when conducting their duties.

How can a public enemy who declared that he serves only Mswati and the Queen while killing innocent civilians expects members of the public to assist him with information?.

But Clement Sihlongonyane who ran for cover at Sithobelweni during a shoot-out can now confirm that indeed, the seed of violence planted by the police is now germinating.

It is the culture of impunity in this country where police officers kill citizens without fear of being arrested that resulted to the ongoing tension between the citizens and the police.

That police officers took a picture of Sihlongonyane’s car that was hidden at Lubulini Police Station and shared with this publication should be an eye opener to the alleged serial killer cop that even his colleagues within the police service don’t want him anymore.

I once warned Sihlongonyane that he can never fight independent journalists and expect to live a normal life, we will consistently remind the people that he is the public enemy until he surrenders to the will of the people.

Clement Sihlongonyane who is expected to provide security to Mswati is now desperately in need of security, he hides his car at a police station.

As I declared earlier, we will continue profiling Sihlongonyane until the public subjects him to a trial, he is and remains a serious danger to the citizens.

As independent journalists, we cannot live in fear because of one man who is busy terrorizing us, instead of writing stories and serve the public, we are expected to change locations in fear of Sihlongonyane?.

I am told when Sihlongonyane interrogated Students Union President Colani Maseko, he boasted that he killed many citizens, he was with Deputy Commissioner Richard Mngomezulu.

It’s not like we are not aware that Deputy National Commissioner Richard Sibangani Mngomezulu is also an alleged serial killer, it’s just that the focus for now is on Sihlongonyane.

As the media, we will continue to expose the killers and the people will then decide on what to do with them.

This country does not belong to Mswati, those police officers who think they can force us to leave our homes and expect to live normal lives with their families must know that, where necessary, we will use our pen and remind them that we are citizens of this country.

Clement Sihlongonyane who is carrying a gun is now living in fear after being exposed.

The question is, now that Sihlongonyane is also living in fear how can he provide security to Mswati?

Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane tasting how it feels to live in fear.
Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane.