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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Corruption at Masundvwini traditional Council.

Monday, 2nd May, 2022

Mr editor,I hearby write on behalf of the Masundvwini /Kashali /New Village and other places under Masundvwini council. 

The king has been appointing the council (Libandla) for different years and last year he appointed the current one headed Sgodvo Motsa. 

Residents were doing all the requirements needed for kukhonta and getting legitimate letters from uMphakatsi. 

But since Khisimusi Ndlovu and Sgodvo Motsa came in, they told the residents of all the above mentioned communities that the old letters are no longer valid to be used.They came with a law that if a resident is building a house within the same compound, they are required to pay money equivalent to 3 cows for kukhonta. More than 10 homesteads have experienced this painful experience. 

Eswatini electricity company is in partnership with the council led by Sgodvo Motsa as they refuse to do connection if you are using the old official kukhonta letters(prove of residence). 

The question is, if the King appoints another council, will residents pay another fee for kukhonta? Why are residents taken for granted? All this residents have done all the requirements for kukhonta in the previous council. 

For those that are forced to kukhonta again, they are required to pay money not to bring cows because Sgodvo said the king's kraal is full. 

Their cow costs E11000 each meaning if kufuneka 3 cows you are required to pay E33000. After paying this E33000 you are required to pay umgijimi, sipheko and lincusa.This money amounts to E39000 in total. 

Are they doing king's agenda or doing this for their own agenda. 
Please Mr editor intervene.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Corruption at Masundvwini traditional Council.
Khisimusi Ndlovu.