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Police must leave EFF Swaziland leader Ngilozi Fakudze alone, release his cars.

Tuesday, 17th May, 2022

One of the vibrant political activists who have been persecuted by Mswati’s police is Ngilozi Fakudze, the former Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF)Swaziland, Mdumezulu branch leader.

Mswati’s Government manipulated the provisions of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act(POCA) and grabbed Fakudze’s cars, on Tuesday, a Ford Ranger worth Seven Hundred Thousand Rands(R700 000)was driven by a Constable traffic police officer to the Manzini Police Station after the law enforcement agency fabricated traffic offences against Fakudze.

The junior police officers who persecuted Fakudze were not even ashamed to terrorize a freedom fighter who is fighting for their liberation.

Under this regime, the Constable who drove Fakudze’s Ford Ranger will never afford a car worth R700,000.00 even his pension would be far less than that amount.

Now, instead of assisting Fakudze to fight this oppressive regime that is oppressing even security officers, the traffic officers opted to persecute the EFF former leader and fabricate charges merely for participating in a protest organized by public transport operators.

I was once questioned by the police as to where I got money to buy my car, the thinking capacity of some of these police officers is very disturbing.

Indeed, they think just because they can’t afford to buy chicken portions after choosing to work for an oppressor, everyone cannot afford to buy cars. 

Mswati, the corrupt King who was never employed is now a multi-billionaire, surprisingly, the police are saluting the corrupt oppressor instead of questioning him where he got the money.

Perhaps, these officers are not even aware that while they salute and protect a dictator who is oppressing their lives, some citizens like Ngilozi are using their skills to make money.

Ngilozi Fakudze is not only a victim of political oppression but a mixture of jealous by the police who can’t afford a 2kg bag of chicken portions but have the energy to fight freedom fighters, who despite affording to live decent lives with their own money, opted to fight for freedom.

Let me remind these officers that the agenda to intensify the calls for democratic reforms is meant to liberate the oppressors and the oppressed, police officers will also enjoy the benefits of freedom.

It is now clear that the State and it’s agents believe that those who are opposed to King Mswati’s autocratic rule don't deserve to drive luxurious cars bought with their own money.

The biggest thief in this country is Mswati,a corrupt King who looted public resources, instead of fighting the oppressor, police salute Mswati and go on to persecute freedom fighters.

All the police officers who persecuted Ngilozi Fakudze will continue to struggle,some of the freedom fighters like Fakudze can afford to live their own lives with their money but they opted to fight for the oppressed.

Everytime these officers persecute Ngilozi, they must know that they are delaying their own freedom and will continue to struggle to afford chicken portions.

Police must leave EFF Swaziland leader Ngilozi Fakudze alone, release his cars.
Former EFF Swaziland leader Ngilozi Fakudze.