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DIALOGUE:TUCOSWA’s engagements with Business Eswatini a step to the right direction, underpaying workers must be discouraged.

Friday, 20th May, 2022

Business Eswatini and the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland(TUCOSWA) demonstrated to all political players in the country that it’s possible to sit on a round-table and discuss issues that seek to benefit citizens and the entire country.

Indeed, employers and workers are key stakeholders in the economic development of this country, to see them engaging peacefully during their seminar was encouraging to some of us who want to see peace, stability and development in this country.

But it is important for both parties to ensure that they promote the rights of workers through the establishment of structures that seek to resolve unfair labour practices and disputes, workers in this country are unfairly dismissed by employers who then use their financial muscle to frustrate court cases in the event they are challenged.

The major problem in this country is the exploitation of workers who are underpaid with impunity,

TUCOSWA and Business Eswatini must consistently engage to create a political environment that is conducive for business for the benefit of both employers and workers.

It is should be noted that one of the factors that promote both Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment(FDIs)is peace and stability and therefore, issues of democracy must form part of those engagements.

Our economy is facing challenges and some employers are now struggling to sustain salaries for their employees, perhaps due to the bullying by the revenue authority and or Mswati who demands more money from companies.

Furthermore, the political tension manifesting in this country undermines Foreign Direct Investment(FDIs) thus thretening the sustainability of jobs. 

While we focus on liberating the country politically, it is important not to ignore the economic oppression, investors are not free in this land, some opt to underpay employees so that they can have more money to present to King Mswati as gifts known as tetfulo.

Apart from paying these tetfulo(gifts), companies are expected to pay Mswati again through the revenue authority, at the end these businesses are forced to close resulting to job losses.

It is therefore advisable for Business Eswatini and TUCOSWA to honestly engage on these challenges faced by companies that subsequently affect workers.

Companies with links to royalty underpay workers with impunity and we must blame King Mswati for the plight of these employees.

As the price of cooking oil and other basic necessities of life escalate,it is becoming difficult for these workers to survive, after all, how do we expect them to survive with a mere One Thousand One Hundred Rands(1,100) per month?

Business Eswatini Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Nathie E. Dlamini is one of the most intelligent people in the country, the Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation(SPTC) was doing well while he was serving as a Managing Director.

But we always differ with Dlamini where his conduct promotes the agenda of capitalists, he must know that as Swazis, we have one country, capitalists have an alternative to relocate to other countries and do business.

I was very happy to see the Business Eswatini CEO engaging with TUCOSWA discussing business and labour issues,Dlamini must try to, at all times avoid to be used by capitalists who exploit workers.

As a CEO for Business Eswatini he must understand that, on his shoulders, he is carrying both the interests of investors and the workers, these interests must be balanced for the benefit of all.

We are not saying investors must come to the country and pay huge amounts of money to workers without making profits, salaries are determined by the amount of production and global markets.

However,we know that Mswati remains the major parasite that consumes everything resulting to some companies struggling to even pay decent salaries.

We therefore, encourage these engagements between TUCOSWA and Business Eswatini, industrial strikes should be avoided on the table if possible for the benefit of the economy.

I hope Mswati learned a lesson when he saw TUCOSWA engaging with Business Eswatini, a dialogue prevents conflicts so that more energy and resources could be directed on development instead of fighting.

DIALOGUE:TUCOSWA’s engagements with Business Eswatini a step to the right direction, underpaying workers must be discouraged.
Business Eswatini engaged with TUCOSWA.