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Inyatsi Director Michello Shakantu not an expert in media ‘politics’, propaganda against pro-democracy movement will not succeed.

Monday, 30th May, 2022

As the newly established Inyatsi Director Michello Shakantu linked Financial Times penetrates the South African media space with intent to spread propaganda against the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM)while targeting even United States(US)based human rights organizations,it might not end well for the alleged corrupt businessman.

Perhaps, it is important to remind Michello Shakantu and his team of State controlled journalists that the global media space will never be controlled by Shakantu, there are various global intelligence agencies that analyse stories published to ascertain their intentions and credibility.

Laundering huge monies and bribing international journalists through third-parties to publish propaganda in credible international newspapers will never rescue Mswati and his corrupt syndicate that includes Michello Shakantu, there will come a time when those articles would be analyzed and those responsible be held to account.

It is very dangerous for Michello Shakantu who sometimes smuggles huge sums of money in United States(US) Dollars to start using the media to protect his business interests in eSwatini,once we start exposing him, he might lose everything that he is trying to protect.

We won’t go around calling press conferences trying to defend this ‘nonsense’ until we satisfy ourselves what Michello Shakantu is trying to achieve with this propaganda.

Thereafter,and after wide consultations, we will address this propaganda machinery.

It is important for the United States based organizations falsely accused of funding regime-change in the country to start using their Intelligence Agencies,investigate Michello Shakantu and his Inyatsi Construction, even if it takes time but eventually, he must be held to account.

The newly established Financial Times with links to Michelo Shakantu is publishing misleading information saying the pro-democracy movement is receiving funding amounting to millions and the names of the organizations accused of funding regime-change in the country are mentioned.

This publication declared the names of international organizations funding it’s operations.

But what followed thereafter, Financial Times Managing editor Alec Lushaba tried to send a questionnaire to one of the organizations trying to imply that the money was used to fund arson attacks thinking that the donors will then withdraw their funding.

In his shallow thinking capacity, Lushaba and his syndicate lacks understanding that donor funds and projects are audited and the monies are used specifically for the activities stated in the proposal.

The whole intention here is to cloud the public opinion and make people to believe that regime-change is masterminded by foreign agencies and has nothing to do with Swazis.

Personally,I received a questionnaire from Financial Times Managing Editor Alec Lushaba who enquired about monies allegedly received from donors, he sent a document saying he was in possession of evidence and I told him that the document accusing the US based National Democratic Institute(NDI) was fake.

The United States Embassy released an online statement confirming that they also warned the publication against publishing misleading information but the warning fell on deaf ears.

While some of us may have grounds to sue the Michello Shakantu linked newspaper and other publications that continue with publishing the misleading information, the main focus here must be directed to Michello Shakantu and Mswati.

It is important for members of this corrupt syndicate to understand that we will never be distracted by what appears to be a well-orchestrated propaganda machinery to diffuse the ongoing calls for democratic reforms.

In their shallow-thinking capacity, they thought creating propaganda would make us lose focus in holding King Mswati accountable.

The power is not with Alec Lushaba or his corrupt media syndicate, the power is with Mswati and the ‘mafia’ that includes Michello Shakantu.

In conclusion,it is important to remind Michello Shakantu that the global media space is regulated, there will come a time when those who are publishing this propaganda will be held accountable.

We are not new in this industry, we know how corrupt businessmen use their final muscle through third-parties to penetrate reputable newspapers and publish misleading information with intent to legitimize their propaganda.

At the end, and when the truth takes its position, Michello Shakantu will remember that I warned him that he cannot control the world through the billions he allegedly looted from Swazis.

Inyatsi Director Michello Shakantu not an expert in media ‘politics’, propaganda against pro-democracy movement will not succeed.
Inyatsi Construction Director Michello Shakantu(pic: Inyatsi).