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Mswati and the ‘political demons’ who persecute incarcerated pro-democracy MPs.

Tuesday, 12th July, 2022

The Kingdom of God is governed through three(3)powerful arms being the Father(Executive), the Son(Word of God)and the Holy Spirit that acts as the power and or military wing that protects the Throne.

Over 2000 years ago, before being crucified on the cross, Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit cast out demons, he knew that those demons were agents of their master, the devil or King of darkness.

When Jesus died on the cross, he was on a mission that he completed within three days.

Firstly, he saved the world through his blood and on that very same weekend of Good Friday, he went straight to Hades to grab the keys for death and further freed spiritual prisoners who were held hostage by the devil.

The soldiers who were guarding his grave and the Judges who sentenced him to death for treason after being accused of calling himself a King, thought he was dead yet he was hard at work.

It should be noted that even here in the Kingdom of eSwatini, we have three arms, the Executive, Judiciary, Legislature that operate on behalf of the oppressor or dominated by his agents.

The ‘devil’ being King Mswati is sitting on the Throne operating through his ‘demons’ being captured Judges, police, soldiers and prosecutors among others to oppress Swazis.

Pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs)Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube are incarcerated merely for expressing themselves in demand for democratic reforms,they were not literally arrested by the oppressor but political ‘demons’ being Judges and the police are doing the dirty work on behalf of their master, the ‘devil’.

As you read this article, Mswati, the political ‘devil’ who allegedly killed dozens of civilians is sitting on the Throne watching his trusted ‘demons’ who are hard at work.

Another agent of the oppressor being the Speaker in the House of Assembly Petros Mavimbela facilitated the removal of pro-democracy Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane.

It is important for ground forces to understand that if you desire to be free spiritually, you must first cast out the demons and destroy them completely.

Now, in the context of eSwatini situation, once you start dealing with the political ‘demons’, they will run to their master crying but you must never stop destroying them because ‘demons’ have a tendency of re-grouping and coming back more stronger.

When you deal with the ‘demons’ the Throne of the King of darkness will shaken because, the demons are it’s pillars.

Furthermore, demons have a tendency of pleading for mercy when attacked, over two thousands(2000)years ago, they pleaded with Jesus not to throw them into the Abyss, an unfathomably deep or boundless place.

Jesus Christ knew that it was not yet time to throw them there, he decided to send them to a nearby drift of pigs that ran and sank inside the sea.

At times political ‘demons’ like police officers and soldiers who kill civilians on behalf of their master, may cry and plead for mercy when being cast out of our political affairs but the process of casting them must not stop.

These political ‘demons’ are fully aware that killing human beings merely for demanding democracy is against the Constitution.

But because, like spiritual demons who are loyal to the devil, they take orders from Mswati, the King of ‘oppression’ and to them, killing is part of their duties as long as Mswati enjoys seeing the blood of innocent civilians.

On Tuesday, Judge Mumcy Dlamini, another agent of the King of oppression was hard at work, she dismissed an application for acquittal filed by the pro-democracy MPs.

The King of oppression was not physically present in court, he sent his ‘demons, to escort the MPs when appearing before another ‘political demon’ who dismissed their application knowing very well that these MPs are innocent.

May the ‘ground forces’ speed-up the process of casting out these political ‘demons’ before facing the King of Darkness who is oppressing Swazis.

In conclusion, it is important to state that once those who desire to be free successfully shake or destroy the demons, automatically, the Throne of the King of Darkness will fall.

But ‘demons’ work for their master according to their seniority, more spiritual powers including fasting might be required to deal with judicial demons who are blocking the people’s freedom. 


Mswati and the ‘political demons’ who persecute incarcerated pro-democracy MPs.
Judge Mumcy Dlamini.