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MP Lutfo Dlamini must produce pictures where ‘thousands’ of Swazis were braaing simultaneously.

Monday, 25th July, 2022

After this publication released statistics suggesting that Philani Maswati sold less than one thousand(1000)tickets, Member of Parliament(MP) Lutfo Dlamini and his partner Queen Ntombi Tfwala have an alternative to produce pictures or videos where the thousands of Swazis they claim attended the event were braaing simultaneously.

The pro-democracy movement urged Swazis to boycott the event in honor of the Swazis who were allegedly killed by King Mswati during the political unrest but Lutfo thought the resolution by the Political Parties Assembly(PPA) was a joke.

It should be noted that Philani Maswati organized the ‘Biggest Braai’, and the entertainment including a car spinning show was meant to thrill the Swazis while enjoying the meat. 

But Lutfo Dlamini started circulating videos of a ‘packed’ audience zoomed with a digital camera watching the car spinning, unlike in the previous years, no videos and clear pictures of a large crowd braaing meat simultaneously.

When I watched the video where the audience was watching the car spinning show and knowing MP Lutfo Dlamini’s tricks, I realized that there was an urgent need for an investigation to ascertain the number of tickets sold.

Indeed, the event was not just a braai but a ‘Biggest Braai’, so were expecting that maybe Lutfo will dispute our investigative story by producing pictures or videos where thousands of Swazis were braaing simultaneously.

It is the tendency of the State controlled media to mislead the people into believing that people like Lutfo Dlamini and his royal accomplices are crowd pullers, that event was attended by, among others, plain-clothed security officers.

But after our investigation where we released statistics sourced from Nomakunini Technologies, the company that was selling Philani Maswati’s Biggest Braai tickets, MP Lutfo Dlamini is free to challenge us or dispute our story with evidence. 

We are ready to release more evidence to prove how far we went when gathering that evidence from the data servers of Nomakunini Technologies.

The truth is, the biggest braai was a flop and MP Lutfo Dlamini and his partner Ntombi Tfwala must understand that they cannot fool the people anymore.

Mswati and his mother Queen Mother Ntombi Tfwala are stealing public funds, only to use Philani Maswati and pretend as if they care for the Swazis.

Philani Maswati Charity Organization is a political project meant to influence the people to love royalty.

How can Ntombi Tfwala, a mother of a billionaire King struggle to take care of the elderly from her own pocket or use public funds if she truly loves the Swazis?

I once attended the ‘Biggest Braai’ as a journalist and I was shocked to learn that people were given pieces of meat that cost less than one hundred Rands(R100.00).

At some point, people who paid money were made to scramble for porridge that was delivered by SPAR branded trucks.

MP Lutfo ensured that I sat and ate with members of the royal family, perhaps, he was systematically capturing me to report that the biggest braai was a success.

I am, therefore, not surprised with the reporting of the State controlled media suggesting that an event that sold less than 1000 tickets was a success, Lutfo knows how to play the Public Relations(PR) game.

But at the end, the public deserves to know the truth so that they can make informed decisions regarding issues affecting or impacting their welfare.

MP Lutfo Dlamini must produce pictures where ‘thousands’ of Swazis were braaing simultaneously.
MP Lutfo Dlamini.