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New MP LaZwide must be very ‘technical’ in influencing democratic change.

Sunday, 31st July, 2022

Newly elected Siphofaneni Member of Parliament(MP) Nomalungelo Simelane must prioritize women empowerment and or poverty eradication issues.

It’s a pity that some pro-democracy leaders don’t understand the power and ‘immunity’ that comes with women activism.

Empowering women who are a majority, remains a conduit to a free and democratic society, women have a potential to support their children and influence their husbands to be active in fighting for democracy.

Furthermore, with regards to issues of poverty eradication, people want to hear their MP telling them why they are poor and come-up with solutions, once the problem has been identified, the people will decide to remove it.

It is important for the new MP to understand that as the situation stands, she cannot move a motion and change the Tinkhundla system of governance because already, pro-Monarchy MPs are waiting to discredit her.

But, the new MP can use the status of being an MP and expose the system through critical debates that seek to enlighten the people regarding the state of political affairs in this country, the people will then take a decision to remove the system.

In politics, it is important to understand the centre of power, the people are the centre of power, once you empower them with information, they will decide on what to do.

MP Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube are incarcerated, but the process of removing this illegitimate Government is still in progress because they used their status as MPs to empower the people so that they could fully understand the source of their plight.

MP Marwick Khumalo, enhanced his popularity within a week after making submissions inside Parliament, calling for political solutions to the current challenges facing this country.

It is therefore important to analyse the eSwatini political climate, capacitate the centre of power and influence the process of removing this cruel and oppressive Government.

The pro-Tinkhundla MPs expects LaZwide to move anti-Monarchy motions to influence democratic change so that they could fight her, the new MP must be very technical in her approach.

I am against the participation of pro-democracy activists in Tinkhundla elections but I know that systematically, an MP can intensify the calls for democratic reforms in many ways.

Firstly, an MP enjoys a following from his/her Constituency and therefore, can influence the followers through Parliament debates.

Secondly, an MP understands the challenges of the people at grassroots level and therefore, even those who support Mswati are likely to be influenced when they hear their MP speaking a pro-democracy language.

It is therefore important to understand that LaZwide cannot stand-up in Parliament and change the system through a motion but she can use her influence to speak a pro-democracy political language and influence the centre of power being the people.

New MP LaZwide must be very ‘technical’ in influencing democratic change.
New Siphofaneni MP Nomalungelo Simelane.