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Where is the Spokesperson for the Multi-Stakeholders Forum?

Monday, 1st August, 2022

The Multi-Stakeholder Forum(MSF) and the Political Parties Assembly(PPA)must employ a Spokesperson who will work with the media efficiently and communicate activities of the struggle for democracy.

As the situation stands, Mswati’s Government is in the process of strengthening its communication machinery to promote the Tinkhundla system locally and internationally and further encourages people to participate in the illegitimate elections.

As the editor, I have engaged both the PPA and the MSF and asked them to appoint or employ a permanent Spokesperson who will also facilitate programs of educating the people about democracy but my efforts fell on deaf ears.

Thulani Maseko, the MSF Chairperson is a lawyer by profession, he is doing well in that position because of his basic understanding of democracy and legal issues.

Even though the MSF continues to work tirelessly to advance the calls for democracy, their activities are more on documents that are never communicated to the people.

It was a huge blunder for the MSF to have a Chairperson and a Head of Communications who are both lawyers by profession, lawyer Mary DaSilva can keep quiet for two months, to her, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mswati and Prime Minister always travel with journalists when attending international meetings, those State journalists promote the interests of royalty in the eyes of the people.

Dictators strengthen their autocratic regimes in the media space by misleading the people.

But it’s not an issue for the MSF to travel to other countries for lobbying without any independent journalist.

Who will report and inform the people about the activities of the organization?.

At some point, I had to contact my colleague, the editor of the Lesotho Times and asked him to instruct some journalists in that country to report about the MSF meeting with the Lesotho authorities.

The MSF, when planning international activities must ensure that the media is aware and that a journalist is included in the trip and this, will ensure that the international community is well informed regarding the activities that seek to liberate the people.

There are many Swazis outside the country who can take over the position of Spokesperson and be vibrant, political leaders who are inside Swaziland will always be careful of what they say in fear of being arrested.

Eswatini Government has appointed Alpheous Nxumalo, one of the most ‘low minded’ Spokespersons in history.

But Nxumalo might shine if the Communication system of the pro-democracy movement is weak and by 2023, people will vote in the Tinkhundla elections in numbers because no one is telling them why it is wrong to vote.

The Communication department of the MSF needs someone who understands Public Relations(PR) and must facilitate programs that seek to educate the people about democracy.

Can we please have a vibrant MSF and PPA that connects with the people, communication is key.

Lawyer Thulani Maseko, the MSF Chairperson can work and produce informative statements but those statements will remain in the files in the absence of a vibrant MSF Spokesperson.

Where is the Spokesperson for the Multi-Stakeholders Forum?
MSF Chairperson Thulani Maseko.