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Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo hanging Mswati’s Government with a political rope.

Friday, 5th August, 2022

Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo will soon realize that he is only intelligent when surrounded by tibutseki(members of the King’s illiterate regiments), he will never shutdown this publication.

After the proscription of this Swaziland News and its editor, I received calls from international donors who pledged legal support and advised that I must consider challenging Mswati’s within the Swazi courts or in South Africa.

Well, for now, it is my own decision not to approach Mswati’s courts because I don’t want to legitimize injustice by approaching a corrupt judiciary controlled by Mswati through the same Attorney General.

It was AG Sifiso Khumalo who facilitated the proscription of this publication and its editor as terrorists, I only got to know about this decision when contacted by a News24 journalist.

Now, Khumalo is hard at work with foreign lawyers trying to implement the proscription by facilitating the shutdown of this publication from South African platforms where it is hosted.

It should be noted that while international human rights and media organizations pledged support to challenge this matter, we want it to be handled in a manner that will ensure that this illegitimate Government hangs itself.

This publication and its editor were never approached through the appropriate channels and asked to clarify the statements and articles prior to the proscription, AG Sifiso Khumalo interpreted my views and concluded that they amounted to terrorism.

One wonders who is Sifiso Khumalo to interpret my opinion on matters of vital public interest without seeking clarification from me as the author.

I cannot therefore, stoop so low and legitimize this proscription decision with a court application before Libandla LeNkhosi(Mswati’s Council)disguised as Judges.

Now, I am watching the AG running-up and down trying to implement the proscription, he wants to shutdown this publication and further ensure that my life is stagnant, little did he know that this media entity was not founded by low minded individuals.

We are not desperate to challenge Mswati and his agents within the royal controlled Swazi courts, we will wait for them to approach the South African courts as they attempt to implement the proscription, because we want the world to see that it is the Government that fights the independent media.

It should be noted that while this matter might be disguised as legal, it is actually a Public Relations(PR)stunt by this government to try and brand this publication as a terrorist entity.

Therefore, challenging this regime within the Swazi courts will not be in the interest of justice but the State owned media will have more content to sing ‘one political song’ everyday, exploring different story angles to brand this publication and it’s editor as terrorist entities.

Indeed, it is part of intelligence to first understand what this regime seek to achieve with this proscription and deal with the matter on that level.

Unless, advised otherwise, I believe the Attorney General must be allowed to continue with his mission of hanging this Government with a political rope.

As the editor of this publication, I will continue to publish critical articles that seek to hold those in power accountable and this, shall be within the legal framework governing the operations of the media.

Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo is not intelligent, he will keep on asking for more millions from Mswati saying he wants to pay lawyers to deal with this publication, but this Swaziland News will continue producing stories because the right to information is fundamental.

As mentioned, it works to our advantage for this illegitimate Government to be seen fighting the independent media especially when we know that they won’t succeed.

Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo is serving a low minded King, as a lawyer, it’s easy to mislead an illiterate person because once you start quoting the law and use strong legal terms, he will think you will produce results.

Unfortunately, I am not Mswati, you cannot intimidate me with endless court applications.

Our legal team with deal with legal issues while we continue publishing critical and informative articles.

But now, AG Sifiso Khumalo is climbing a high mountain, this media entity is not about it’s founders but the people who rely on it for information.

Therefore, Sifiso Khumalo and Mswati must continue fighting the people including the international community that rely on this platform for credible news, let’s see if their syndicate will succeed.

Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo hanging Mswati’s Government with a political rope.
Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo.