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HILLARY GARDEE’S DEATH: King Mswati incriminated himself in public.

Saturday, 6th August, 2022

Even though King Mswati denied being involved in the killing of former Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) Secretary General Godrich Gardee’s daughter, his sentiments when addressing the Nation during the Police Day on Friday were so incriminating.

The sentiments by Mswati suggesting that Godrich Gardee knew who killed his daughter amounts to reasonable suspicion that the King can assist the police and or the prosecution in the criminal matter, either as an accomplice State witness or informer.

It is enigmatic for a whole Head of State to utter such sentiments and further identify Godrich Gardee as a suspect, he must clarify to the South African police why he strongly believes Godrich Gardee knows who killed his daughter Hillary Gardee.

King Mswati must understand that the arrest of suspects in the Hillary Gardee murder case does not mean those suspects killed Godrich’s daughter, they remain innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

But even before the trial begins, now we have two more ‘suspects’ who are implicating each other in the murder of Hillary Gardee.

It is worth mentioning that Godrich Gardee tweeted, accusing King Mswati of killing his daughter for political reasons.

This publication is in possession of electronic evidence where the then Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala disclosed that Mswati has intelligence agents in South Africa who were instructed to hunt and kill this journalist.

The Army Commander was subsequently forced to resign after we exposed him and released that audio recording where he was disclosing Mswati’s secrets.

Now, Godrich Gardee is accusing Mswati of unleashing foreign intelligence agents to kill his daughter, as an investigative journalist and after reading the tweet, the sentiments of the then Army Commander who disclosed the existence of foreign intelligence agents who kill Mswati’s critics came into my mind.

On the other hand, Mswati responded to Godrich’s accusations by accusing the former EFF Secretary General(SG)of alleged conspiracy in the murder of his daughter.

The sentiments of the King, in the eyes of a criminal investigator, suggest that the King is either a suspect or a potential witness in the criminal matter.

Therefore, both King Mswati and Godrich Gardee must assist the South African police and or the prosecution with information regarding the unfortunate killing of Hillary Gardee.

We have no reason to believe that Godrich killed his daughter but Mswati, as a Head of State with an Intelligence Unit might assist us and the courts by disclosing how he concluded that Godrich conspired the killing of Hillary Gardee.

Furthermore, Godrich Gardee must continue revealing more information why he believes Mswati killed his daughter.

In line with the aforementioned, the EFF must consider hiring highly skilled investigators to investigate and gather evidence regarding the alleged involvement of Mswati in the murder of Hillary Gardee.

They must then wait for King Mswati to cross the border to South Africa and then approach the courts for an order preventing him from leaving that country pending a decision whether he must be charged or not, alternatively through private prosecution.

Even if that attempt fails with the lower courts, perhaps due to issues of diplomatic immunity, the matter can proceed to the higher courts where the veracity of these allegations could be tested.

HILLARY GARDEE’S DEATH: King Mswati incriminated himself in public.
King Mswati.