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DPM, this teacher deserves be a Coronavirus awareness Ambassador

Tuesday, 7th April, 2020

Nkosingphile Seyama, the teacher who publicly declared that he had tested positive for Coronavirus and subsequently motivated the Nation to unite against this pandemic should be honored not only by his organization, the Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT) but the entire country.

Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku and the Coronavirus Task Team should use this teacher in creating awareness about the virus, for he demonstrated true leadership in the interest of the country. But then, the fact that Seyama is not from the royal family doesn’t mean his skills and capabilities in addressing issues of national interest should be manipulated for free, if he is used as a Coronavirus Awareness Ambassador, he must be paid just like comedians, artists and consultants who render services to the State. 

It should be noted that in our country, we have highly intelligent individuals who can assist in developing strategies to fight this virus, however the sad reality is that when it comes to payments of individuals and companies who provide services to government, the invoice should be stamped with a royal blood before being processed. 

Government should not appeal for unity only when there is a crisis but every capable Swazi like Seyama, with skills that can assist this country should be rewarded for his contribution. If government is able to pay thousands of Emalangeni to gospel artists like Prince Majaha’s girlfriend Nothando Hlophe for performing in royal events, then other capable Swazis who might be engaged in projects of national interests must be paid. 

This thing of kuhlehla even at professional level remains an oppression tool that has rendered many Swazis with skills poor, it actually promotes capitalism.

Government must learn to utilize talents of ordinary Swazis and pay for those services without the invoice being stamped with a royal blood.

Now, we have the first Swazi who publicly declared his coronavirus status and on

e believes Cabinet will motivate and further use him for the benefit of this country. 

In conclusion, let me warn government not to treat SNAT as an enemy, this is an organization that takes care of our children and we must treat it’s members with the utmost respect they deserve. If SNAT is an enemy to government, then why are we taking our children who are the future of this country to them? Here is a teacher, who after learning that he had tested positive, decided to protect the lives of the children and went straight to the doctor instead of keeping quiet and infect many innocent souls, this is leadership in the interest of this country.

We have seen the Ministry of Education crucifying teachers for their mistakes in their line of duty, for once, lets honor a teacher for protecting the lives of the children by disclosing his status and went straight to seek medical attention.



DPM, this teacher deserves be a Coronavirus awareness Ambassador
Nkosingiphile Seyama