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GENDER BASED VIOLENCE ON INKHOSIKATI LAMBIKIZA: An illiterate King assaulting an Advocate instead of seeking advice.

Thursday, 25th August, 2022

Queen Sibonelo Mngomezulu known as Inkhosikati LaMbikiza has her own weaknesses and mistakes like all human beings but she is one of the few learned and intelligent women married to King Mswati.

Whenever Mswati faces political challenges that require political solutions, he would run to Nkoyoyo and spend time while being advised by Queen Sibonelo Mngomezulu who is a qualified Advocate and officer of the court.

It is therefore, surprising for a whole Head of State who, despite his poor educational background, opted to assault an Advocate instead of seeking advise. 

A few years ago while working as a journalist in one of the local media companies, I was renting a flat opposite to businessman and former Senator Walter Bennett's home, about three hundred(300)metres away from Queen LaMbikiza’s Nkoyoyo Palace.

At around 9 pm, I met King Mswati jogging with a battalion of soldiers who were escorting him.

I was also jogging along the road that night as the battalion of soldiers who were escorting Mswati came singing while jogging from a distance.

Three(3)armed soldiers who were walking along the road, assessing security for the King ordered me to sit down at a drainage and demonstrate respect for Mswati.

When analyzing the political situation those days, it is now becoming clear that Mswati would visit Nkoyoyo when facing problems to seek advice from his senior wife who is learned.

Even though King Mswati’s family issues might be perceived as private,it becomes a matter of vital public interest when a Head of State commits Gender Based Violence crimes with impunity and or without fear of being held accountable.

King’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane responded saying the royal family does not have a “record of the matter” as if there are royal institutions where such Gender Based Violence(GBV)matters involving Mswati are reported.

The royal family does not have a record because there are no records at all for such matters, Mswati is now assaulting eMakhosikati and cannot be held accountable because he is about the law and or the Constitution.

It has been disclosed that Inkhosikati Sibonelo(LaMbikiza) tried to advise Mswati to speed-up the political dialogue and restore peace and stability in the country. 

But instead of listening to a genuine advise, King Mswati allegedly accused the Queen of being a sell-out while abusing her in the process.

Then the question is; if Mswati fails to listen to his senior and most intelligent wife, shows a middle finger to SADC,local and other international bodies, does he even qualifies to be a King?.

While investigating the Gender Based Violence(GBV) by Mswati against Queen LaMbikiza, I received critical information suggesting that one of Mswati’s wives was cheating with a soldier and  I decided not to publish that story because King Mswati might kill or assault another Queen.

I am not condoning cheating but as a journalist I must strike a balance and ascertain if exposing the Queen will not put her life in danger.

It is of paramount importance to state that there are processes in both civil and customary law that need to be followed when a wife cheats not Gender Based Violence(GBV).

Cheating of public figures is of vital public interest particularly those whose lifestyles are funded with taxpayers money but exposing an Inkhosikati these days while Mswati is out of his senses might amount to buying a coffin for the woman.

What happened to LaMbikiza should be an eye opener to all of us that we have a responsibility to liberate the oppressor and the oppressed,here is a whole Head of State failing to control his emotions and resort to Gender Based Violence(GBV).

We cannot say eMakhosikati agreed to marry the King, some were abducted by emissaries and forced to marry King Mswati.

Even if they agreed to marry Mswati, the King later assembled a group of about twenty(20) women, he normally visits some of these eMakhosikati just to beat and subsequently rape them.

As independent journalists, we respect the private life of public figures if their conduct is not of public interest but as the situation stands, we might soon be seized of Mswati’s ‘private life’, the King must stop abusing eMakhosikati.

 GENDER BASED VIOLENCE ON INKHOSIKATI LAMBIKIZA: An illiterate King assaulting an Advocate instead of seeking advice.
King Mswati and Queen LaMbikiza.